Why Men Join Motorcycle Clubs

Posted by Erhan to Biker Life Style on August 15, 2012

When men join motorcycle clubs there are many factors considered. Different clubs have different  philosophies and prerogatives and offer a specific purpose. Each chapter and or club members have their own personalities making each club unique.

The purpose of brotherhood is the reason many motorcycle clubs form. Active military is the foundation for some clubs creating unity for sailors and soldiers. There are many clubs that exist for  charitable support of veteran causes.

Reputation is the reason most guys join motorcycle clubs. Whether it be good or bad if a club has a well established reputation it will wear off on them when wearing the club's colors. These guys want to be the "real deal" in the eyes of others seeking the legitimacy of the club.

Motorcycle clubs often offer a sense of family for guys that are just "lost". Giving them a place in the structure, telling them they are family and they will have your back , "no matter what".

There are also "riding clubs". Everything they do is centered around riding motorcycles. They usually have a goal or prerogative that is greater than just riding their bikes.

Some motorcycle clubs are actually riding clubs and this can be confusing. The Confederation of clubs in many states make it difficult for new clubs to exist. That is why when looking closely at many riding clubs they are actually trying to be a motorcycle club.



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