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Eat Shit STICKER - 3.5x1 inch

CHS-0005 by Real Stickers
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  • Sticker
  • 3.5x1 inch
  • Apply Decal to Helmets, Gas Tanks, Fenders, Windows

Product Description

Eat Shit sticker is small in size measuring 3.5x1 inches. Applied by simple peel and stick. The sticker is made of vinyl and will stretch over curves, can be applied to motorcycle or riding helmets. The sticker is weather resistant and made in USA.


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Basic Info
Color Black / White
Product Type Sticker
Dimension 3.5x1 inch
Material Peel and stick vinyl sticker
Rating Mild
Product info
Application Apply Decal to Helmets, Gas Tanks, Fenders, Windows
SKU CHS-0005
Weight 0.04 Ounces
Brand Real Stickers
Date Added January 2013

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