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Shop Embroidered Native American Indian Patches

Our Native American Indian patches designs you'll find mostly our original creations of Native American Embroidered Patches. Beautiful Native American Patches iron on patches to clothes and sew on to a leather vest or motorcycle jacket. All our Native American Indian Patches can be ordered wholesale also.

The Beauty of Native American Patches

There are many different types of patches you can decorate your riding jacket and vest with.  One of the most popular themes is Native American designs and images.  These patches include some of very pretty and very colorful designs and images, and many also feature animals that play important roles in the Native American traditions and legends.

One great thing about the Native American patches on The Cheap Place is that many of them come in two sizes: small and large.  The small patches fit perfectly on the front of your vest or jacket, while the larger ones can be used as the centerpiece on the back.  You can also use some of the smaller patches to fill in around the larger ones.  For example, the large End of the Trail patch measures 12 by 12, but many riders will have room to put a few patches above or below it.  There are even some patches such as Tribal Feathers Patch that can be placed horizontal or vertical, giving you even more design options.

Many Native American patches feature eagles or wolves, and many also include feathers and the dreamcatcher.  The dreamcatcher was used to protect children from nightmares.  This circular web caught bad dreams, keeping them from entering the sleeper's head.  Other Native American patches feature arrows and wings.

Some biker clubs, especially those based in the Southwest, will all decorate their jackets in these types of patches.  In that case, you might want to purchase large wholesale patch lots so that everyone gets a patch and you save money.  Wholesale biker patches are also available if you'd like to start reselling them at biker rallies or online.