Jesus Guardian Bell - 1x1.5 inch

BELL025 by Guardian Bell
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  • Luck Bell
  • 1x1.5 inch
  • Good Luck Charm Bell for Motorcycles

Product Description

  • Genuine Guardian® Bell with inscription of Jesus' face on the front and a cross on the back.
  • All Guardian® Bells actually Ring!
  • Comes with protective pouch
  • Hook it to your bike with the ring that is attached
  • Use it as a key chain if you like
  • Guardian® Bells are superstitious bells that are used to drive away the evil spirits surrounding your motorcycle so breakdowns and accidents don't occur.
  • Apparently the evil spirits hate the ringing of the Guardian® Bells and they stay away from your bike. 
  • All Guardian® Biker Bells are Made in USA.
  • Size is around 1.5x1x1 inch
  • Guardian® Bells is a registered trademark of the Guardian® Bell Company.


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Basic Info
Color silver
Product Type Luck Bell
Dimension 1x1.5 inch
Material Lead Free Pewter (Made in USA)
Product info
Application Good Luck Charm Bell for Motorcycles
Uses Use it as a keychain, or attach it to your motorcycle to drive away the evil spirits.
Weight 1.1 Ounces
Brand Guardian Bell
Date Added June 2012

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