Answers to your Frequent Questions

Where is my Stuff? When you place an order we email you a shipping notification which has a tracking number if one is available. However we know our emails can sometimes end up in your junk or spam folders (or even promotions folders if you have a gmail account). You can always login to your account and view your past orders where you can find your tracking number and order shipping details. Some orders ship in envelopes which is our cheaper shipping option. Envelope shipments do not have tracking numbers.

Do you have a Print Catalog? We do not print catalogs, however you can print your own catalogs. Just visit any category and press the printer friendly button. Select whether you want to display prices and barcodes of model numbers and press the print products button. This will generate a printer friendly page for you to print. This feature doesn't work properly on all browsers. We have it optimized to that it will work best if used with Chrome Browsers. We know there are issues using the Safari browser.

Are your Patches Iron on? All the Patches we sell can be ironed on or sewn on. They all have borders for easy sewing and plastic iron on backing for easy iron on application. We have instructions on sewing and ironing. Blank patches may not have iron on backing on them

What Shipping Options do you use? We only ship using United States Postal Service. We have First Class, Priority and Priority Express Options provided by USPS. Read about our Shipping and Returns Policy.

How long does it take for you to process an order? We sell only what we stock. Your orders are processed within 24 hours of receiving them. Usually the product pages state when your order will ship out.

Your name scares me, should I be worried? We've been in business under the same name since 2009. Give us a shot, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Here are the reviews our customers leave us. If you have any questions before ordering write us an email or give us a call (386) 243 4123

Do you wholesale? You can sign up for a wholesale account which has minimum order constraints. You can easily setup a wholesale account from our wholesale page. Only catch is $100 minimums per order. Once your wholesale account is setup the prices will automatically change to wholesale prices when you are logged in. We only wholesale Ivamis Trading brand name products. Everything else is offered at a discount to our wholesale customers.

Do you ship internationally? We only ship to North America, South America, Europe and Australia. You can find out about our shipping costs by filling up a cart. At the cart page, press the OPTIONS button and click Estimate Shipping.

Do you do custom patches? Custom patches is not our line of business. We don't make custom patches. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Where are you guys located? We are out of Daytona Beach, Florida. 

How big of a company are you guys? Our business is very small. There is just two of us handling the upkeep of the website and fulfilling your orders.

Do you Offer Discounts? We have quantity discounts on almost everything we sell at our site. The more you buy of a particular item the cheaper it gets. We monitor our stock levels and if we have plenty of an item in stock we will add bigger quantity discounts.12+ and 50+ Quantity discounts are not always available, if you filled up your cart a while ago please review the prices you are paying for before checking out.

What's the Price of a Patch in Rewards Points? If a product is offered at Rewards Points you can purchase that patch for free given you have sufficient points to purchase it. Shipping is not free.

Where Do I Find the Products I Saved for Later? If you saved products for later, you can find these under the Wishlist header if you are signed in OR the SAVED PRODUCTS link if you are not signed in. You'll find this link at the header of our site.

Do you make your own patches? We are not a manufacturer. We design our patches here in Florida and utilize the same factory we've been using in China since 2009 to digitize and embroider the final products. Quality is something that has remained the same for the last 9 years thanks to our relationship with our sole supplier. All digitizations are done by hand by an actual digitization artist. Our Patches are designed in USA and manufactured in China, just like your iphone