Privacy Policy

We value your privacy here at This privacy policy attempts to explain our privacy practices. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. (Last Updated May 1 2018)

The information we collect

Browsing and placing an order at requires you to create an account. To create an account we collect your Name and email address and ask you to sign up for a newsletter if you choose. (Wholesale account holders are also asked for a company name and physical address when signing up for an account)

To place an order we also collect your billing, shipping addresses and your phone number. This information is only used if it is required to do so to complete the order you have placed. We don’t do robocalls. If we have to call you to get your order out to you, you will be contacted by one of our human staff. We do not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.

We record your browsing activity at our website to provide you a better user experience such as a “Recently Viewed Products” Panel which comes in handy for you to access items you have viewed in the past.

If you have an order placed we associate your order with your account so you can check back on it at any time. We keep a record of items you have purchased to make it easy for you to see all the items you’ve purchased in one place.

Any user has the right to have their personal data in the account they created to be deleted. Please contact us and ask us to have your account information deleted, We will comply with your request in 72 hours or less. We will still retain a copy of your past orders in our records as long as it is legally necessary to retain order records.

We do not store your credit card data in our servers. Our payment processing Gateway is We have a customer information system that lets you store your credit card information on’s database for you to reuse in the future at our website. You can always opt out of this by deselecting the “Save Card” box when you are making a payment at our site. 

You can Save a Product to your account and create wishlists. We retain this information in your account to allow you future access to your wishlists. You may also see product recommendations in marketing emails based on your saved products. If a product in your wishlist goes on sale, you may be notified by email. You can always turn off the email notifications from your wishlists. This can be done directly on the wishlist page or in your account settings, under email notifications where you’ll be able to view and adjust your notification settings all in one place.

Every order we ship includes a packing slip which shows your name, billing and shipping address and phone number. This packing slip does not include prices or totals. You can download invoices of your orders directly from your account. Visit my orders page under account menu.

If you place an order over the phone and would like to make a payment over the phone our Staff will ask you for your card information. Our staff can only take your card information to enter it into our payment processing system. To reduce our liability of credit card theft  We have a policy against writing card numbers on a piece of paper for future processing. You do not have to make a payment over the phone! You can place an order over the phone and we can email you a link for you to make a payment.

Watch out for Fraud. We will never call you for any reason except if it’s absolutely necessary to fulfill your order. Don’t be a victim of Spoofing. If you feel you have received a strange call or an email from please get in touch with us. See the Contact us link to get our contact information.

Cookies we use

We store some information from visitors who are not logged in or do not have an account. This is done through the use of cookies. When you visit our website a cookie is added to your browser that allows us to track your activity at our website. We do this to provide you a better user experience. For example: Faster loading, Saving your shopping cart or wishlist.

We do not track your movement outside of our website. Whether you are logged in or not logged in. The cookies we use DO NOT track your browsing activity outside of

Who can access your account

Anyone with your user email and password can access your account. We highly recommend setting a unique password when creating an account. Do not use the same password you use for your email! Passwords can be reset by email. If someone has access to your email account, they can change your password at our website.

Our Staff can access your account to assist you with ordering. Our Staff has no access to view your password, but they can reset your password for you after confirming your identity.

Information we Share

We do not sell your information. We may need to share your information with third parties only if it’s necessary to complete an order you have placed. For example: providing the shipping company with your address and phone number. 

If we have a legal obligation to disclose your information to legal authorities we will only do so if we are served a warrant or ordered to do so by a court. If we are forced to disclose your data we will notify you unless we are court ordered not to do so. In full transparency we have never been forced to disclose any information about any of our customers since we started business in 2009. This statement is true as of May 2018.

How we use your information

Any information you provide is confidential between you and We may use this information to send you more personalized newsletters or tailor your browsing experience at

Third Party Integrations

We use google analytics to analyze our website and user activity. Personally identifiable information including names, addresses, phone numbers are not shared with Google Analytics.

We use facebook pixel to track our marketing efforts on Facebook platforms.

We use Opencart Shopping Cart to run our website.

We use Singlehop Internet Service Provider to host our website.

We use PayPal and Braintree to process your payments

We use Facebook Pixel to track our Facebook marketing efforts.

How we protect your Data?

Our entire website runs under Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Any data you enter into our website gets encrypted. This encrypted data gets sent over the internet to its destination. It is then decrypted at its destination. This makes sure the data you enter at our website is secure from eavesdroppers.

Our card processor is Braintree. Braintree utilizes an iframe to allow you to enter your card information at our site. This information is not processed on our servers. Our checkout process shows you an iframe hosted by Braintree at our checkout page. We never have your card information stored or processed within our servers. This assures that your card information can never be compromised by our systems

A handful of trusted individuals have access to our database. We keep activity logs to screen for unauthorized access and will notify you if there has been a breach. To avoid such breach we have extremely high security standards. Only authorized IP addresses can access the database making the possibility of a data breach outside of our network near impossible. is a small family business. We are in the business of selling patches to our customers. We are not in the business of selling or renting data. We try to minimize the data we collect to provide you a great user experience. You can contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

All accounts with no orders will be deleted 1 year after they have been created. You’ll lose your wishlists and shopping carts if you have an account that is more than 1 years old and has no past orders.

We cannot claim that our system is hacker proof, while we spend a significant amount of resources trying to secure our site we cannot give 100% guarantee that your data might not be accessed by unauthorized users. If there is a data breech we will inform you as soon as we find out about it.

Exceptions to our Privacy Policy

Any user engaging in activity that is not compliant with our Terms of Use is not protected under our privacy policy. This includes users placing fraudulent orders using stolen credit cards. We will provide full details of your activity to national fraud databases and to local or federal law enforcement agencies.