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We've created many different categories for our iron on patches to make it easier for you to browse a particular interest.

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Save 20% when you buy 2 of the same patch!

You can also save 20% on a single patch if you buy at least 10 different patches. All $3.99 Patches are $2.99 when you buy 2 of the same patch, that's 25% savings! See what's on Sale this week

February Promotions and Sales

As well as our weekly Sales we'll have a free shipping promotion for orders over $35 shipped within the USA in the month of February. You can also save 20% on patches by having at least 10 items in your cart. 20% discount will apply to any patch that is already not on sale or not on a quantity discount.

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Package Deals on Sale this Weekend

Buy both the small and large versions of a patch as a package deal and save. These package deals are on sale throughout the weekend.

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Patches on Sale throughout the weekend

There are lots of patches on sale throughout the weekend. Checkout all the patches that are on sale till Sunday.

Patches on Sale

Another Patch Prohibited for Sale at Amazon Marketplace

Another one of our great selling patches have been removed off Amazon marketplace yesterday. First it was the infidel patch, now it's this patch which is all for humor. Rest assured you'll find all sorts of patches you can't find on amazon right here at If it offends you, don't buy it. That's our policy.

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Large Back Patches on Sale This Week

Save big on large back patches this week. Get Free Shipping in USA when you spend $15 or more. This offer will end on Sunday!

Back Patches on Sale

New Crusader Knights Templar Patches have arrived

We have added a new line of our very Popular Crusader Knight Patches. Available in two sizes and two colors. There is also an option to purchase them as sets. RIDE SAFE.

Crusader Knight Patches

All New Patches have arrived

We received a couple of new patches this week including a small and large version of a new crusader knight patch, the Daytona 2019 Bike Week Patch and the Large version of the Holy Warrior Patch. They are available for purchase right now.

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Save 25% on Patches with January Madness

It's January! Our Slowest month! We go crazy waiting for orders to come in during our Off Season. We want to change that this year. It's a great month to buy, Just add 5 or more patches or stickers to your cart and get 25% off any item that is not on sale. Don't forget to get free shipping

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