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Old designs New Sizes are now available

Might look familiar but this is a new size for this design. Smaller to fit in front of vests

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New Eye Patches in Different Colors

We were planning on making them to be sewn on the back of your jackets but they came in pretty small. We tried them over our patches and they look real cool. Check out what you can do with these eye patches to our existing designs. Completely gives the patches a new look when you place an eye patch over the existing designs. Get creative with these eye patches.

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New Saying Patches Have Arrived

We got in 19 New Saying Patches on Thursday, all have been photographed and available for purchase. Enjoy. Click the image to purchase

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New Retail Prices with Great Quantity Discount Savings

We've updated our quantity discounts. Save 20% on all our patches when you buy 10 of each. You can also mix and match 10 different patches to get this 20% discount. You'll save 30% on small patches and 40% on large patches when you buy 20 of the same patch. You'll also save 40% on all of the small patches when you buy 50 of the same patch. Buy the patches in bulk and save more. It's The Cheap Place way. RIDE SAFE

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POW MIA Patches Details shown in this Video

Watch this video as we close in on our POW MIA patches to show you the quality of the patches we sell. Prisoners of War Missing in Action patches come in all sorts of different color combinations.

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Zodiac Sign Patches Video Review

Take a closer look at these Skull Design Zodiac sign patches that are all embroidered in blue yellow white and black over black twill material. They all feature plastic iron on backing so the embroidery will stay tight for a long time and so that you can heat press them on too. You can also sew these patches on to your leather jackets. Very clean laser cut borders. RIDE SAFE

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Daily Patch Videos are up

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God Speed to Florida Residents at the Pan Handle

A monster storm has brewed into a CAT 4 hurricane in the gulf in just over 2 days. Hurricane Michael is about to strike the Florida pan handle this Wednesday. God Speed to all residents that are going to be impacted by this monster. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. It looks like we will not be impacted at all by this hurricane here on the east coast of Florida but we feel for all who sit on its path. Florida, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas, God Speed. Image courtesy of NASA (photo of hurricane Florence)

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Beautiful Flower Patches

Shop our Selection of Beautiful Flower Patches from All new to 2018, all designed from scratch. We grew the flowers, photographed them and played with them on our computer to came up with these natural works of art. All of these flower patches can be sewn or ironed on to your clothing. Enjoy and Ride Safe.

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Patch Videos of the Week

2nd Amendment Shall Not Be Infringed Skull 1789 Large Back Patch - 10x10 inch

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