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We Can Make Your Custom Patches if you Send us Your Designs

If you have a final design you would like to convert into a patch, please go to the contact us page and click email us. It will ask if this is about a custom iron on patch. Select Yes and proceed to send us your design for a quote. Please note we do not design patches for custom work. We only turn YOUR design into a patch. Our minimum is 10 pieces but you'll get a lot better pricing for 100 pieces. RIDE SAFE and thanks for thinking of us for your custom patch needs.

How much will it cost to make custom embroidered iron on patches?

  • Every patch is different and you can receive a price quote from us upon submitting your request. Typically here are some price examples

  • Up to 4x2 inch rectangular text patches, or 3 inch circular patches. 10 pieces is $10 a patch. 100 pieces is $1.50 a patch. 200 pieces is $1.00 a patch

  • Large Rockers for the back of patches. 10-12 inches. 10 pieces for $22 a patch. 100 pieces for $5 a patch. (About 2 inch tall letters)

  • Extra Large Rockers 15 inches (or anything over 12 inches): 10 for $29 a patch. 100 pieces for $7 a patch

  • Large Back Patches 10-12 inches: anywhere from $40-$90 for 10 piece runs (Depends on design complexity). Price gets to about $10-$13 a piece for 100 piece runs.

  • Individual name and Rank Patches 3.5x1 inch, $10 each with 10 names minimum.

Frequently Answers we give about our Custom Patches

  • To minimize confusion to our 10 piece PER design minimums please note Different size is a different design, different text is a different design, different color is a different design

  • All patches we make will have plastic iron on backing. If you want hook and loop backing, let us know so we can quote you properly.

  • It takes about 4 weeks for us to deliver custom patches from day of payment. (For US Orders. International Orders we cannot guarantee any delivery dates)

  • A full payment is required before we begin any work including making layouts. You will get a chance to approve your initial layout and sample before we mass produce.

  • We only make embroidered patches. We do not make woven patches or printed patches. 

  • We do not share our digitized embroidery files with our customers (trade secret).

  • Your custom patch is exclusive to you. No one else can purchase it from us except you. 

  • Proceed to submit your custom patch (An account is required to request a quote)


Good to know this before Ordering Custom Patches

We've been creating funny one liner patches since 2009, retailing and wholesaling them online to our customers. Many of our customers who've seen our stock embroidered biker patches, military patches, funny patches, center back patches, cool patches, and artwork iron on patches know the quality work we provide. They want us to make their custom patches for them. We couldn't refuse and created the custom iron on patches division.

If you have a design you would like to turn in to a patch, or if you want just a custom embroidered patch with simple words on it, we can get you a quote given you want at least 20 pieces. I'm afraid we are not feasible in price when it comes to wanting just a few pieces, we don't take short cuts and setup is a time consuming process. When you want less than 20 pieces, our prices will not be attractive.

Before you submit a quote please know the following. We do not provide free samples. We do not work on your order before it is paid for. Yes we are aware there are companies that provide free samples and revisions. We are not one of them. We only make custom patches for our loyal customers who know our quality and insist on us making their iron on custom embroidered patches. We are not really interested in making custom patches but we will make them for you if you provide us the design. We are in the business of designing and selling stock patches.

Our liability on custom patches is limited to the amount that was paid for the order. For example, in the rare case that we fail to meet your deadline or we choose to stop working on the project due to unreasonable requests we will proceed with issuing a full refund and cancel your custom patch order. We will not be liable for any other losses you  may incur. Changes to designs are not allowed once layouts and samples have been approved. You will be shown the layout before we make a sample. Once you approve the layout you will be shown an image of the actual embroidered sample for approval. Once we receive your approval we will proceed with mass production. No changes will be allowed after the sample has been approved in writing. 

We guarantee our work, if you are not happy with what you receive you can return them to us and we will issue you a refund. However you must return every single piece we sent to you to receive your refund. For example, if we shipped you 20 pieces of custom embroidered patches and you only return us 19 pieces. You will not be entitled to any refund. If these terms do not suit your needs please do not order your custom patches through us. We have a proven quality that is known among our customers. Please consider it a bonus that we offer to make custom patches for our regular customers.

If you send us a copyrighted or trademarked design and would like us to reproduce it for you, we will require a written and signed consent form that expresses you have permission to have the protected work reproduced. Failing to submit such form grants us the right to hold you liable for any damages we may incur as a result of your misconduct. We will not knowingly reproduce any copyrighted or trademarked designs without a permission form. You agree that you will not knowingly or unknowingly send us any artwork that may have copyright or trademark protection. If your misconduct causes us damages you accept full liability to cover those damages Personally.