Rewards Points Program

To show you our appreciation for your repeat business we are now offering Rewards Points for every purchase you make. There are several different ways to earn Rewards Points.

Earning Rewards Points

1. Place an order and earn 2 points for every $1 you spend. We'll issue your points right after we ship your order out. You'll be able to use your rewards points on your next order.

2. Write a product review that is unique and earn 1 point for each word in your review. We'll reward your points as soon as we approve your review.

3. Sign up for the newsletter and Earn 5 Points when you click a link in the email we send.

4. Place your first order and get 100 Bonus Points.

Spending Rewards Points

You can use your rewards points to purchase any Ivamis Brand patches from our site. Product pages show how many points it takes to purchase a product. If you have enough points to purchase a patch that is in your cart you will be shown a button at The Shopping Cart Page that says "Pay Using My Points". If you do not have enough points to purchase a patch for free the button will not be shown. Simply click the button and it will apply your points towards any product that can be purchased with your available points. To find out how many points you have you can always look at your Rewards History

Terms and Conditions

All Ivamis Trading Brand manufactured products will be available for purchase using points given the product is in stock.

Not all products can be purchased using points. Product pages show the number of points required to purchase the product. If it's not shown, then that product can't be purchased using points.

We reserve the right to change the number of rewards points awarded at any time. We will keep you posted on how many points you can win for your contributions.

Your Rewards points do not expire however points required to purchase a product can change at anytime if a product's nominal price changes. For example a $2.99 regular price product is 300 points, if its regular price changes to $3.99 it would become 400 points to purchase.

Points for Reviews will only be awarded for product reviews written by customers who have purchased the product from us. Make sure you are logged in to your account when submitting your reviews. Reviews must be about the product you purchased and not about your experience at our online store. You are welcome to write a store review, at the moment we only give points for Product Reviews. We give 1 Point per word you write (Minimum 5 words required). Copying and Pasting same phrases over and over won't get you any points. Please write a unique review about the product and not about your experience (Please use store reviews to rate us on your experience). For Product Reviews, you can talk about the quality, is it better than expected, is it worth the money you spent on it, where and how you applied the product and what kind of attention it got you. It's okay to write a negative review if that's what you truly feel, we'll still give you rewards points. Your reviews help others make their buying decisions. Please be helpful and we'll reward you for it. Only approved reviews will get you points. We reserve the right to approve or disapprove any review that doesn't meet our guidelines. No insulting others, No horribly spelled reviews, No excessive irrelevant talk that has nothing to do with the product.

We encourage you to sign up to our newsletter and will give you 5 points when you click a link on the email we send out. You can't just keep clicking the same link to get 5 points each time. The system will issue you 5 points ONE time for each different newsletter we send out.

There is a maximum number of rewards points that can be collected each month. At the moment this limit is 5,000 points per month. If you were issued over 5000 Points within any month we reserve the right to remove those points. You can start racking up more points the following month. You can have over 5000 points in your account but you cannot earn over 5000 points in any given month.

You are welcome to maximize the points you earn. The best way to earn points is to place an order. You cannot rewrite different reviews for the same product to earn more points. You can only earn points for writing reviews on products you purchased. Login to the account you've used to place your order and click Write a Review on your account menu to start earning. It will list all the products you've bought that you can review.