Embroidered Iron On Patches for Clothes

It may be overwhelming to browse through thousands of different iron on patches. We've got categories created for you. Pick a topic you like and browse iron on patches that appeal to your desires. But if you would like to see them all under one page, visit our product brand pages we carry Ivamis Trading Patches and Good Sports Patches.  If your looking for How do you iron on a patch?

What is an Iron on Patch?

Iron on Patches are pieces of cloth fabric with designs and text embroidered on them. Once the cloths are embroidered they are heat pressed on to a plastic iron on backing and then have their edges trimmed. Our iron on patches also feature an embroidered border around the edges to make it easier to have them sewn on to clothing where ironing on would normally not work. Such as leather, suede or Nylon. These fabrics cannot withstand the 270 degrees Fahrenheit heat required to adhere an iron on patch. We recommend you sew your patches on to clothing that might scorch from the applied heat during the iron on process. While fabrics like denim and cotton shirts work great for iron on customizations.


Things to do with Iron on Patches

You can heat press patches on to many different items of clothing including, shirts, jackets, vests, pair of jeans, your cap or canvas backpack. Patches are supposed to reflect your character. Browse the patches we offer and get the ones you like the most. If you can't iron them on you can always sew them on unless you have a jacket with armor in it in which case we recommend you don't mess with the jacket as it is supposed to provide you with life saving features.


High Quality Patches

All our Patches are made in China at the same factory we've been doing business with every since we started. Quality has never been compromised, we don't pressure our manufacturer on price and they don't slack on the quality they provide. The iron on glue used in our patches are Japanese tech and if applied at the correct temperature they will stick on permanently. The correct temperature is 270 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately most people are incorrectly informed to put their iron on to it's highest setting and press on the patch. Most household iron's won't display a temperature setting. They'll just have silk through cotton settings. You should play with the settings and use a frying pan thermometer to figure out what setting on your iron yields the correct temperature. You should be within plus or minus 10 degrees of 270 degrees Fahrenheit to properly iron on a patch. You can find out more on how to heat press patches.


How to go about Sewing a Patch

People sometimes ask if they peel off the plastic backing when sewing on an iron on patch. The answer is no. You should leave the plastic iron on backing where it is. This keeps the patch sturdy and holds together the embroidery tightly. Please don't remove the plastic backings even if you are sewing on the patch. The plastic iron on backings are permanently stuck on the embroidered patch. Removing it would be tearing the patch apart.


We Sell All Kinds of Iron on Patches

We sell all sorts of iron on patches to all sorts of people. We apologize in advance if you come across some patches that might be offensive to you. We cater to customers with different races, gender, political and religious beliefs from all around the world. If you find something offensive you have the right to not purchase it. Our customers differ in opinions, our aim is to spread humor. You might find that in good taste or bad taste. It is what it is. We mean no harm to anyone and we hope you enjoy browsing our patches. We sell products that are not suitable for children. We advise that you don't browse our site with anyone under the age of 18. You will come across patches with bad words on them.