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Patches that says something to the one Reading it

When you look at thousands of patches and try to categorize them in some sensible way you realize sometimes you go nuts. Other times you realize there is a pattern. These patches in this category says something directly to the person reading your patch. I call them Engaging Patches. Mostly for good humor of course. I've also broken up our funny patches into worldly advice patches that have sayings which one would consider as wise knowledge. There are funny patches that fall into a third category which I like to call I'm patches. Mostly patches that say something just about yourself. Surely these patches overlap each other at times so I recommend if you have the time do check out the entire funny patches selection. RIDE SAFE

That's Mr Asshole To You Patch | Embroidered Patches
You Peace Of Shit Patch
Mess With Trailer Park Patch | Embroidered Patches
Here I Am Other 2 Wishes Patch | Embroidered Patches