Large Sew-on Patches for the Back of Leather Biker Jackets and Vests

Find embroidered large back patches for your Motorcycle Riding Jacket or Vest. You can sew on these patches to leather. They can also be ironed on to Denim Materials however with large patches we always recommend you sew them on. Properly Heat Pressing a large back patch to a Jacket requires commercial heat presses.

Large Reflective Skull Patch
Black Red Large Skull Patch
Large Silver Eagle Patch
Old Skool Biker 13 Large Back Patch
Helmet Skull Scarf Biker 69 Large Back Patch
Preacher Skull Large Patch
Biker Guy Skull Large Back Patch In Gray
Grizzly Bear Large Back Patch
Property Of Large Top Rocker Patch | Embroidered Patches
Road Captain US Flag Rocker Patch | Embroidered Biker Patches
Reaper Riding Chopper Patch | Embroidered Biker Patches

Why do bikers wear patches?

Biker patches are usually worn on the back of a bikers vest or jacket. They can be used by bikers to signify a club that they belong to or to make a statement. They are also often used to brighten up clothing and to let the biker express an opinion in a detailed vibrant way.

In the biker world there are certain rules which bikers usually but not always go by when it comes to patches. For example a one piece patch is normally worn by solo bikers and those that wear two piece patches are usually a member of a motorcycle club

There are some motorcycle clubs which are not members of the American Motorcycle Association and these are known as outlaw motorcycle clubs. Members of these clubs usually wear a three piece design patch. However not everyone who chooses to wear a three piece design patch belongs to an outlaw motorcycle club. Usually with a three piece patch, the biker will have a rocker patch above and beneath the logo of the club. These rocker patches are arched up or down.

Biker patches have many different meanings to the bikers and their clubs and they wear them with pride. There are many different types of patches that bikers choose to apply to their clothing and there are a number of places where you can buy them. One of the best places to source these patches is This online store has a huge range of biker patches in a variety of sizes, styles colors and designs.

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There are plenty of sizes to choose from and many patches which will enable the avid biker to make a statement and to improve his or her style. With the finest attention to detail these superb iron-on patches are cheap to buy, yet expensive in both style and quality.

You can choose to buy simple classic designs which are banner like and which will show the world what your beliefs are or you can choose to give your clothing a dramatic appeal with a large bright vibrant design. These intricate biker patches are simply breath taking when placed on the back of any vest and they will be sure to turn the heads of anyone who sees you ride by.

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