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Lady Rider Patches for Biker Girls

Lady Riders find some very cool embroidered patch designs you can sew or iron on to your riding jackets. If you like to Ride your own or Enjoy rolling with the hubby on the motorcycle you'll love some of our funny lady Rider Patches. RIDE SAFE

Yellow Lady Rider Rose Patch | Embroidered Biker Patches
Biker Bitch Patch | Embroidered Patches
Hairdoo By Helmet Patch
Asphalt Angel Patch | Embroidered Patches
Size Does Matter Patch
Biker Grandma Patch | Embroidered Patches
Biker Chick Black White Patch | Embroidered Patches
Biker Chick In Pink | Embroidered Patches
Biker Babe Patch | Embroidered Patches
Member Patch 3.5 Inch Pink
Angel Wings And Engine Patch | Embroidered Biker Patches
Lady Rider Flowers Patch

Lady bikers are every bit as common these days as their male counterparts and they too like to choose biker patches for their gear.  Unlike men however, many women like to choose carefully before they decide which patches should represent their personality and the points they'd like to get across.

Some go for images which they feel some sort of connection to or which represents them in some way.  Others like to choose patches with sayings whether they are religious or whether they are just amusing and entertaining. 

Creating their own unique item of clothing with ladies patches is also a great way for lady bikers to identify themselves.  They can choose to create a completely individual, unique jacket which will have a broad range of patches in different sizes, colors and styles.  Some prefer to just have one patch which symbolizes their particular beliefs and opinions.

One of the most popular patches chosen by the ladies is the 'Biker Babe Patch'.  This patch has a rocky edge with its shock of purple lettering against a stark black background.  This is a hugely popular choice with lady bikers from all over the country as this is how they want to portray themselves.  They are not just riding around looking pretty, they are actually 'bikers' just like the men and they love to ride their motorcycles just as much.

However there are many bikers who shun the obvious and want something entertaining and amusing instead on their clothing.  That is why another popular choice when it comes to patches for the ladies is the '1 Percent Angel, 99 Percent Bitch' patch.  This patch is a firm favorite with those who do not want people to think that just because they are a woman that they are all sweetness and light.  There are many lady bikers who want men to know not to even bother messing with them.  After all you might as well prepare them especially if the patch is true!

These two patches are just an example of the huge choice of lady rider patches available at  There are patches available in a host of styles and sizes which would suit everyone's tastes.  And not only is there a great range of patches for lady bikers, but there is an even bigger selection which would be perfect for any biker.  Every patch available has been made from the finest quality materials and you'll find it hard to get them cheaper anywhere else.