American Flag Tipped Large Rocker Patches for the Back of Your Jacket

Find all our Large Rocker Patches (Rocker means Arched patches that you can put on the upper or lower back of your jacket) with American Flag Embroidered ends. We do have them labeled as upper or lower patches, however that doesn't mean you have to go buy it. I've seen people put an upper rocker at the bottom of his jacket and a lower rocker at the top and it looked very original. So don't be afraid of trying something new and whatever you like is whatever you can have. You would need to sew these patches on to leather material, you can iron them on to denim materials. A lot of people ask if I  can iron on a patch on to a leather jacket. The truth is you can, it will certainly work, but you will scorch your leather in the process too. Materials like Nylon and Leather don't like the heat too much. It's not a problem for our patch, it can take the heat and adhere itself onto almost any material as long as that material can withstand the heat you use while ironing it on.

Veteran US Flag Rocker Patch | Embroidered Patches
Patriot US Flag Rocker Patch | Embroidered Patches
Infidel US Flag Rocker Patch | Embroidered Patches
Patriotic Rider Patch

Back in the days before high def TV, video games, and iPods, kids used to entertain themselves with things today's generation wouldn't even think about. For instance, my friends and I played baseball just about every free day we had during the summer, and football the rest of the year. We used to collect trading cards form both sports just to keep things interesting. For added excitement, I used to collect stamps with my Dad. It was fun, educational, and a rare opportunity to spend time with a hard-working father who wasn't available much.

Today, collecting things is a lost art to most people. So I've been wondering what might be a good thing to get kids interested in that might capture their attention long enough to start collecting. I remembered collecting Boy Scout patches in my teens. Unfortunately, a limited supply of both patches and fellow collectors killed my interest pretty quickly. I think that might be different now. There are so many different kinds of patches, and so many people sewing them on hats and clothing, it just might be worth giving it a try.

If I were to do so, I'd start with rocker patches. Rocker patches are the ones that look like a banner or a quarter-circle, and have a single word or short phrase on them. The larger ones you see on the back of biker vests, usually above and below the main patch. Smaller ones you might see on the front of a vest or the shoulder of a leather jacket. They are pretty inexpensive and easy to come by.

The reason for starting with these patches is that they can be commonly found bearing the names of the fifty individual U.S. states. Where restaurant and bar owners pride themselves in collecting license plates from every state, I could collect rocker patches at fraction of the cost, and without the commitment of wall space. While I'm at it, I could also look for rockers with the names of the different military branches, emergency services, and various war vets. There's enough variety to keep me going just with these alone. But why stop there?

Next, I think I'd like to move into the large patches you see on the back. Some of those patriotic ones with the flag and eagle look pretty sharp. I've also seen some pretty cool Harley ones that I wouldn't mind having, even though I'm not a biker. Perhaps I might even consider buying a leather vest if I found the right patches to put on it.

The more I think about this the more I like it. My kids are all just about fully grown and on with their own lives, so trying to get them into patch collecting probably wouldn't work. But I expect to be a grandfather within a year or two; this might be something I could do with some of my grand-kids. Maybe I'll kick it off by getting rocker patches with their names on them.