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Buy 10+ Patches and Stickers and get 20% off

If you purchase 10 or more patches and stickers you'll receive 20% off any patch or sticker that is not already on sale. For example if you have 6 patches on sale and 4 patches not on sale in your cart. You'll receive 20% off the 4 patches not on sale. The promotion only applies to patches

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Save big on Pricier small patches this week

We have lots of cool small patch designs on a great bargain throughout this whole week. See what's on sale!

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New Patches just keep flying in to the warehouse

We got in another 7 new patches in our stock on Wednesday. Almost all the 150+ new designs we created in the last month have arrived. Just a few left to be revealed as soon as they arrive in stock.

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More New Patches in this Tuesday

We got in 19 new patches this Tuesday. All have been photographed, stocked and ready to ship the day you place your order. With todays arrivals that makes over 120 new patches released in the last month.

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$4 Patches are $2.99 a piece this week!

> All the $4 patches are $2.99 this week. Have a Happy Halloween on Wednesday and enjoy the savings. See what's on sale.

More new Patches have arrived on Friday

New Patches just keep coming in, got the small version of the Moth patch on Friday and the new small size of the dragon around the red cross. Also 15 new saying patches have arrived too. They are on sale till Sunday, 20% off. RIDE SAFE

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5 New Patches came in on Thursday

This beautiful Moth patch came in on Thursday ready for you to purchase. Fantastic Choice of colors making up the embroidery. This is one sweet Moth Patch. Additionally we received 4 saying patches this Thursday also available for immediate shipment. RIDE SAFE

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New Patches Have Arrived Today, and they are 20% off till Sunday

34 new Patches came in yesterday, all photographed and ready to ship out. We got our popular black and white skull in different colors including red pink and green embroidery. We made our Wolf with feathers patch in a new small size. Arturo got us 3 new designs. Kissing lips in two sizes, a Booty Pirate patch and a No Fox Given funny concept patch. The 4 inch wide eyes have come in this week, they'll look great on the top back or front of jackets and on pants pockets. We also got in about 20 new saying patches. Click the image to view and purchase them. We've just added them to our 20% off Halloween Sale!

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2500+ Patches are 20% off this week. Get Ready for Halloween

Halloween is next Wednesday, this week is your last chance to get your patches delivered in time. We have a huge sale 20% off on over 2500 patches. That's almost everything we have. RIDE SAFE

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