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Wolf Guardian Bell -

BELL012 by Guardian Bell 5/5  2 reviews
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  • Luck Bell

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Product Information

Product Type Luck Bell
Uses Use it as a keychain, or attach it to your motorcycle to drive away the evil spirits.

Product Description - Wolf Guardian Bell

  • Genuine Guardian® Bell with inscription of a wolf head. The native themed bell has a feather and fish inscription on the backside.
  • All Guardian® Bells actually Ring!
  • Comes with protective pouch
  • Hook it to your bike with the ring that is attached
  • Use it as a key chain if you like
  • Guardian® Bells are superstitious bells that are used to drive away the evil spirits surrounding your motorcycle so breakdowns and accidents don't occur.
  • Apparently the evil spirits hate the ringing of the Guardian® Bells and they stay away from your bike. 
  • All Guardian® Biker Bells are Made in USA.
  • Size is around 1.5x1x1 inch
  • Guardian® Bells is a registered trademark of the Guardian® Bell Company.

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