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My Mom's Biker Buddy Helmet Sticker -

HST-1740 by SS Decals
Discontinued Item,
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  • Sticker
  • Peel and Stick Small Decal for Helmets

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Product Information

Product Type Sticker
Application Peel and Stick Small Decal for Helmets
SKU HST-1740

Product Description - My Mom's Biker Buddy Helmet Sticker

  • My Moms Biker Buddy Helmet Sticker.
  • The sticker is Printed on Vinyl Material and will stretch over curves and rivets on your helmet.
  • Stickers are weather resistant, will not disintegrate under rain.
  • All helmet stickers measure about an inch high and between 3-4 inches wide.
  • Uses for these helmet stickers. As the name says it stick them on your motorcycle helmet. Also works well on your bike, car or truck bumper, windows. Any smooth surface will do.
  • Some helmet stickers also do come in patch versions as well. These are mainly "biker stickers". Patch versions of most can be found under funny patches, vulgar patches and saying patches categories.
  • Made In USA.

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