Eat shit and die patch
Eat shit and die patch Eat shit and die patch

Eat Shit and Die Patch

  • 3x3 inch
  • Embroidered Twill Patch
  • Sew or iron on Badge
  • Clean Die Cut Borders
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P3135 by Ivamis Discontinued 0 0
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  • Eat Shit and Die Patch measures 3x3 inches. Embroidered in white with red trim around the letters. Black background. Just eat shit and die.
  • The Patch is Embroidered. Embroidered Patches are also known as iron on appliques, sew on badges or insignias.
  • This is a sew on patch, it features die cut borders. You can sew on this patch.
  • This is also an iron on patch with plastic iron on backing that has been treated with heat activated adhesive. You can heat press this patch.
  • Refrain from ironing on a patch to leather jackets or vests. You should only sew patches when applying to leather such as vests, jackets, chaps, purses or wallets.
  • Add a personalized look to plain old clothes you wear with iron on patches.
  • Apply for a wholesale account if interested in making bulk patch purchases. Patches are great to resell on EBay or vending at Motorcycle Rallies.
  • We only sell quality patches and do not compromise quality for cheaper prices. We are aware, there are online retailers selling patches for less.
  • We can offer our great service and patches at lower prices through a wholesale account.
  • With a low minimum purchase you will get the lowest prices for high quality patches and we will ship them to you today.
  • We are your "to go guy" when you are shopping for embroidered patches. Want a custom patch, just let us know. Buy your patches here at The Cheap Place.
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Basic Info
Color Black / Red / White
Dimension 3x3 inch
Material Embroidered Twill Patch
Rating Mild
Product info
Application Sew or iron on Badge
Backing Plastic
Borders Clean Die Cut Borders
Patch Size Small
Patch Shape Rectangular
SKU P3135
Weight 0.2 Ounces
Brand Ivamis Discontinued
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