Lone Wolf Patch
Lone Wolf Patch Lone Wolf Patch

  • 12x12 inch
  • Embroidered Patch
  • Iron on or Sew on Application
  • Plastic Backing & Die Cut Borders
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PPA3857 by Good Sports 4 7
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If you like to ride the open roads by yourself then this is the perfect patch for you. The ‘Lone Wolf No Club’ patch is effortlessly visual with a looming wolf staring out at everyone you pass. This brand new patch has been exquisitely embroidered with stunning attention to detail and you can easily apply it to your clothing by either ironing or sewing it on. Do not iron onto leather clothing however as it will cause damage. Instead use the thick die cut borders which give this 10 x 11 inch patch a cleaner finish.

Original lone wolf embroidered iron on patch
(PPA2226) 10x10 inch
5 reviews $19.99
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howling lone wolf patch
(PM3968) 6x6 inch
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 Reflctive Lone Wolf motorcycle patch Reflective Patches
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howling wolf patch
(PL3968) 12x12 inch
Large Embroidered rocker lone wolf patch
(PR2548) 10x4 inch
1 reviews $9.99
wolf patch
(P3968) 3.5x3.5 inch
1 reviews $5.99
Lone Wolf on Motorcycle Pin
(PIN412) 1.5x1.75 inch
Embroidered small lone wolf rocker patch
(P2548) 3.75x1.5 inch
$2.99 $1.99
(P1457) 4x1.75 inch
$2.99 $1.99
(P1458) 4x1.75 inch
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(MV627) S-7XL
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wolf patch
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Basic Info
Color Black / White / Grey / Brown / Red
Product Type Embroidered Patch
Dimension 12x12 inch
Material Embroidered Patch
Rating Everyone
Product info
Application Iron on or Sew on Application
Backing Plastic
Borders Plastic Backing & Die Cut Borders
Patch Size Large
Patch Shape Cutout
Weight 2 Ounces
(P2046B) 3x2 inch
0 reviews $2.99
(PR2548) 10x4 inch
0 reviews $9.99
(P2046) 3x2 inch
(P3111) 3x2.5 inch
0 reviews $3.49
(P4037) 10x3 inch
0 reviews $5.00
(P4035) 4x2 inch
(P4034) 3.5x1 inch
(P4033) 11x4 inch
(P1403) 4x1.75 inch
(PPA5197) 10x10 inch
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