Ever seen a Snake eat a frog?

Posted by Erhan on October 20, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Story

Posted by Erhan on October 10, 2016

Hurrican Matt is headed our way

Posted by Erhan on October 05, 2016

Fixed my Apple IMac Today, Used to think it was impossible

Posted by Erhan on October 03, 2016

TheCheapPlace.com is now 7 Years Old

Posted by Erhan on September 29, 2016
Back in October of 2009 is when I cut ties with my old boss and started my own patch website to wholesale and retail patches online. This makes us 7 years old now. A lot has happened in 7 years. Let me reflect on some parts. October 2009. I left working for a friend of mine and started my own website. ...Read More

And so it Begins

Posted by Erhan on September 23, 2016

Posted by Erhan on September 02, 2016
Coming out with lots of new patches these days. Visit the coming soon section under the LATEST link at the header to browse new patches we've got and see the coming soon section for what's going to be available in a few weeks.

Posted by Erhan on July 19, 2016
Just got in a whole bunch of new tattered flag patches upon your requests

Posted by Erhan on July 07, 2016
Want to pay less for our patches? Sign up for a wholesale account. $100 minimum order applies. Small patches have to be purchased 3 of each but the prices are a lot better. (Most $3.99 patches are only $1.10 a piece, even when you are forced to buy 3 of each you still end up paying less. If you are going to spend a $100 or more I highly recommend you getting a wholesale account. Signing up is very easy. Buy in bulk resell them online or gift them to your buddies. Apply for wholesale account Today.

Brits just said Fuck you to Big Government #BREXIT

Posted by Erhan on June 25, 2016

Posted by Erhan on June 21, 2016
Are you sick and tired of searching model numbers and adding products one by one to your cart? We have a solution, just upload a csv file with model numbers in the first column and quantities in the 2nd column. It's that simple. This feature has been on our site for years but I have a feeling you don't know about it. Just visit the quick order page. (You have to be logged in). Click the "Show more" button and you'll find an upload csv icon. If you are using a Mac computer be sure to save your csv file as a "Windows CSV file". It's just that simple. After uploading the file you'll find all the products that we have in stock will be added to your cart. If we don't have the stock you want we'll add as many as we have in stock to your cart and will add your email to notify you once we have more in stock.

Posted by Erhan on June 20, 2016
You can now browse our neatly categorized Embroidered Patches main category to view all our Wholesale Patches. Please note we only wholesale Ivamis Trading brand Patches. We do carry Good Sports Patches which are not for wholesale. If you are logged in to your wholesale account you will see warnings if a product is not for wholesale. You can still buy those items, however I would like you to know that you would be paying the regular retail price for them!

Orlando Massacre

Posted by Erhan on June 13, 2016

Posted by Erhan on May 23, 2016
Please note the prices on the helmet stickers. MOST Stickers are $1.99 each or you can get 2 of the same for $1 a piece making it $2. I've been looking at the latest helmet sticker orders and a lot of you are just buying one. It's only a penny more to double up and get 2 instead of 1.

Posted by Erhan on May 18, 2016
We are on fire. More new patches in this week. Take a look at all the patches that have arrived on May 18th.

Posted by Erhan on May 15, 2016

For those of you who have not joined our wholesale club yet, it's the best week to do it in.

I've got all our $1 to $1.50 patch categories prices knocked down to $1 a piece this week.

All $2 patches are $1.50 

All $2.50 and $3 patches are $2.

Apply for a wholesale account, there is a $100 minimum per order and usually a 3 piece per item requirement on small patches but the savings are huge. Especially This week. Visit our Wholesale Patches page to sign up for a wholesale account. 

Posted by Erhan on May 13, 2016

Got in 4 new patches by Hot Leathers. All Same Color Themed, very beautiful works of Embroidery.

PPA8967 (9x12 inches)$29.99
Dear Head Large Buck Patch

PPA8937 (12x12 inches)$29.99
Grizzly Bear Large Back

PPA8957 (12x8 inches)$29.99
Flying Eagle Large Back
Patch Sunset Colors

PPA8947 ( inches)$29.99
Howling Wolf Back Patch

Posted by Erhan on May 13, 2016

We've made a few changes that will effect our wholesale customers.

The minimum order requirement for small patches have been changes to 3 pieces per design. The minimum order total still remains at $100. However if you place a $100 order in the last 7 days you can now place a smaller order without having to reach $100. This is incase you forgot to add a patch to your original order you can now place another order for under $100 yourself without having to notify us. If it has been more than 7 days since your last $100 order the system will force you the $100 minimum.

5+ discounts have been eliminated a while ago. We now have 10+ 20+ or 50+ quantity discounts given we have sufficient stock of an item.

Posted by Erhan on May 11, 2016
Lots of new patches have arrived today, All 70 of them! Take a look at what arrived today

Posted by Erhan on May 08, 2016
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there. Hope you are having a wonderful day with your loved ones. RIDE SAFE.

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