Club Patches: The Bandidos and Their Support Groups

Posted by Erhan to Biker Life Style on September 23, 2011

The Bandidos motorcycle club was formed in 1966 by a former Texas Marine named Donald Eugene Chambers. Today the club boasts nearly 2,400 members, 210 chapters, and representation in 16 countries.

Despite untrue rumors that the club was named after the famed Frito Bandito advertising campaign, Chambers made up the name several years before that campaign was even introduced. Having served in the Marine Corps, he adopted their color scheme of red and gold. A few years later, when the Bandidos' custom club patches were designed, they featured a Mexican bandito brandishing a gun and machete.

In most of the Bandidos pictures I've seen, club members where the Mexican Bandito patch on their backs along with a rocker patch above and below. The upper rocker patch has the club name while the lower one typically displays the state or the chapter. Occasionally you'll also see two smaller patches on the sides saying "1%" and "MC" respectively.

Interestingly enough, the Bandidos also sponsor several support clubs who use the same colors except in reverse. Rather than a red border and gold background, the support club patches use a gold border and a red background.

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