Ace of Spades Patch Could Have Many Meanings

Posted by Erhan to Patch Talk on November 12, 2012

Sometimes when people put patches on their clothing or bags, it's to represent something about themselves that they want everyone to know.  This could be a direct statement like 'Veteran' or 'Biker', but that isn't always the case.  For example, if you are wearing this Ace of Spades Patch, it could mean a number of things.  You might enjoy playing poker, or Ace could be your nickname.  So, no matter what the meaning of the patch actually is, it's probably something that is personal to you.

The Ace of Spades patch is relatively small, so that means it will fit on any number of clothing and accessory items.  For example, you could put this two by three inch patch on the sleeve of a jacket, on a hat, or on your favorite bag.  The white twill patch is designed to look exactly like a playing card.  It features a white background with plenty of black embroidery thread around the edges that creates a die cut black border.  There is an A on two of the corners, and in the middle of the patch is a giant black spade.

The back side of the patch has been coated with a special glue that, when activated with heat, will bond with fabric.  Ironing the patch on is one of the easiest ways to attach it to an item.  If you are putting it onto leather, you do not want to iron it as the heat could cause the material to pucker.  Instead, be sure to sew the patch on around the edges.  You can do this either with a machine or by hand.

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