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Posted by Erhan to Patch Talk on September 30, 2010

Here are a few funny biker saying patches you can read through. If you would like to buy them as embroidered patches you can click on them and most of them are only 3 bucks and they all ship for free. Even if you only order 1. I have hundreds of these funny saying patches you can read through them all.

Speed will get me before cholesterol does when at times it may take a tankful of gas for me to start thinking straight after eating all those midnight bugs that taste great.

Might just take a little more love to share the saddle than to share the bed. When riding lead, please don't spit. And incase you didn't know they say 98% of Harley's sold are still on the road.Only 2% of them actually made it home

Tailgaters if you can read this, you are within range. You know my bike is my psychiatrist. By the way how do you like my church clothes

You know if it has tits or wheels someday they are going to let you down. And Geico, I got another method for saving money on my insurance. Aren't you sick and tired of all your brothers and sisters dying so we American's can keep our right to drive like assholes?

Hit that throttle till you see God, than find your brakes fast. Incase you didn't know 15 grand and 15 miles don't make you a biker.And I bet you don't know what Dilligaf means, and don't ask me! Do I look like I give a fuck!

Bikers I got lots more embroidered patches you can iron on or sew on to your gear. Including large patches for the back of your vest.

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