The Coffin Cheaters: Two Official Patches

Posted by Erhan to Biker Life Style on December 03, 2011

Coffin CheatersMost of the time motorcycle clubs have one official custom club patch distributed among its members. However, the Coffin Cheaters appear to have two. The more well known is a simple coffin with a red NAZI German flag draped over it. The other patch features the number 33 against a wall of flames, all surrounded by a diamond. I don't know for sure but I suspect it was designed in 1999 to celebrate the club's 33rd anniversary.

The Coffin Cheaters were originally established in Long Beach, California in the 1960s. Their Cleveland chapter was established in 1963 and eventually became the headquarters when the Long Beach chapter patched over to another club. Despite the fact that there are other clubs using the Coffin Cheaters name today, unless they emanate from Long Beach or Cleveland they're not part of the original club. Today the Coffin Cheaters are fairly small by comparison even though they have members in six states.

Every motorcycle club is unique in some way - the Coffin Cheaters are no exception. With this club there are no prospects whatsoever. In other words, you cannot join the club by performing any specific tasks or rituals. You must be born into the club or be a blood relative of an existing member. The only exception is for a non-member who hangs with the club for at least five years and gets a 100% vote of approval among existing membership to be fully-patched. This is difficult to do, so it's rare.

The Coffin Cheaters patch is also rare. Nonetheless, they get their custom club patches by ordering them through a patch distributor like The Cheap Place. You can do the same if you have any sort of club that would benefit from being identified by a custom club patch. If you want to shop with The Cheap Place all you need to do is submit your design. Just be aware that it must be original - The Cheap Place is not authorized to reproduce custom patches from existing groups without explicit permission.

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