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Colorful Butterfly Patch

Retail Price: $5.00 Our Price : $3.99
  • Embroidered Patch
  • 4x4 inch
  • Iron on or Sew on Patch
  • Plastic Backing & Die Cut Borders

Product Description

Colorful Butterfly Patch Embroidered Design Measuring Size: 4x4 inch


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Basic Info
Color Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple / Black
Product Type Embroidered Patch
Dimension 4x4 inch
Material Embroidered Patch
Rating Everyone
Product info
Application Iron on or Sew on Patch
Backing Plastic with Iron on Glue
Borders Plastic Backing & Die Cut Borders
Fabric Twill
Patch Size Small
Patch Shape Cutout
SKU P2647
ASIN B00725OS40
Weight 0.2 Ounces
Brand Ivamis Trading Patches
Date Added December 2009

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