Buy 10+ Patches and Stickers and get 20% off

If you purchase 10 or more patches and stickers you'll receive 20% off any patch or sticker that is not already on sale.

For example if you have 6 patches on sale and 4 patches not on sale in your cart. You'll receive 20% off the 4 patches not on sale.

The promotion only applies to patches and stickers. It doesn't apply to zipper pulls, vest extenders, wallets, pins, bells or anything else that is not a patch or a sticker. Patch Bundles (package deals) are also excluded from the deal as they already have discounts applied to them. When filling up a cart with 10 or more items it may be better to purchase the bundled items individually to get a better deal. Totals are calculated for you at cart page. The promotional discounts line only considers qualifying products when calculating a 20% discount. Patches on sales will not receive an additional 20% off!


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