Why Do Motorcyclists Wear Leather?

When many people think about motorcycle riders, they automatically picture large, hairy men wearing a lot of black leather covered in various motorcycle patches.  However, while this is an outdated image, it does strike a chord in one respect, the leather.  There are many different reasons why someone who rides bikes would choose to wear a lot of leather gear, and believe it or not, the number one reason is not to make them look mean and scary.  In fact, the most common reason for wearing leather is for protection.

If you ever fell off of your bike or skateboard when you were younger, then you know how badly a scrape from the pavement can sting, even at that low of a speed.  Now imagine going seventy plus miles an hour and skidding across the asphalt.  That image gives a whole new perception to road rash.  Leather is a very supple and natural material that does not shred very easy.  This means that during wrecks, it is able to help protect your skin by giving you another layer that can serve as a barrier between the road and you.

There are a number of different options available for riders, including a number of synthetic and Kevlar materials that are being developed specifically for motorcycle riders.  But for many, leather is still the riding gear of choice.  Although not all riders choose to display their enthusiasm with motorcycle patches of their favorite bikes, gear, etc, this is often done as a way to decorate the traditional plain, black leather and make it more personable.  And, in recent years more and more women and leisure riders are getting into the riding game, so hopefully the big burly biker image is one that will begin to disappear over time.


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