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Eagle US Flag Vest Extender -

Our Price: $5.99
  • Vest Chain
  • Chrome Plated Chain, Leather Ends (Made in USA)
  • Attach to Vest's Snap Buttons

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Product Information

Product Type Vest Chain
Material Chrome Plated Chain, Leather Ends (Made in USA)
Application Attach to Vest's Snap Buttons
Uses Keep snapping your vests buttons because of that Belly? Add an extra 6 inches to your existing vest by using vest extenders. Just snap them on to your vests buttons and you have a bigger vest instantly
SKU VX-111

Product Description - Eagle US Flag Vest Extender

  • This vest extender features a motiff of Eagle with American Flag
  • Measures 6 inches long
  • Quality Nickel Plated Metal Chain will not rust
  • Standard snap buttons for all vests
  • Black real leather end pieces
  • Made in USA
  • Vest extenders are used by bikers for an authentic look. They also come in very handy when your beer belly starts busting your vest buttons.
  • Don't buy a new vest because you got big! Buy vest extenders to make room and look like a true biker.

No one likes to get rid of their favorite old vests.  They're comfortable, they're stylish, they're broken in, and suddenly, they're too small and don't button anymore!  What do you do?  You can throw them out or donate them to charity, but then you have to go and try to find another vest you like as much.  Here's a better option: get one of the many stylish Vest Extenders found on The Cheap Place.  One nice patriotic option is the American Flag Eagle Button Vest Chain.

The eagle on the fastener side of the vest is made from nickel plated steel.  The head is plain, but its body is done in a U.S. flag motif.  The rest of the vest features leather and two chains of nickel plated steel.  Attach one item to the left side and one to the right, and instantly, your vest will close.  The black leather pieces are made from high quality leather and will last just as long as the metal.  The entire vest extender measures six inches long.

Next time you discover your vest doesn't fit over your expanding belly, don't get rid of it.  Just get one of these vest extenders.  The American flag eagle extender will look great on a vest that features different U.S. flag patches or eagle patches.

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