Rebel Flag Vest Extender -

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  • Vest Chain
  • Attach to Vest's Snap Buttons

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Product Information

Product Type Vest Chain
Application Attach to Vest's Snap Buttons
Uses Keep snapping your vests buttons because of that Belly? Add an extra 6 inches to your existing vest by using vest extenders. Just snap them on to your vests buttons and you have a bigger vest instantly
SKU VX-115

Product Description - Rebel Flag Vest Extender

  • This vest extender features a motiff of a waving Confederate Flag (aka, the Rebel flag)
  • Measures 6 inches long
  • Quality Nickel Plated Metal Chain will not rust
  • Standard snap buttons for all vests
  • Black real leather end pieces
  • Made in USA
  • Vest extenders are used by bikers for an authentic look. They also come in very handy when your beer belly starts busting your vest buttons.
  • Don't buy a new vest because you got big! Buy vest extenders to make room and look like a true biker.
  • See what vest extenders look like below

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