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Large Leather Wallet -

WAL-0002 by Carnie Power Pin Co
Discontinued Item,
Our Price: $19.99
  • Wallet
  • Secure Wallet to Pant's Belt Loops with Wallet Chain

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Product Information

Product Type Wallet
Application Secure Wallet to Pant's Belt Loops with Wallet Chain
Uses Store your money and credit cards with this quality heavy leather wallet
SKU WAL-0002

Product Description - Large Leather Wallet

  • Men's black leather wallet.
  • The Wallet is Made in the USA. Made in USA is actually engraved on the leather. This is high quality leather wallet at a reasonable price
  • Shiny and sturdy front snap button enclosure
  • Measures just under 8 inches by just under 4 inches.
  • The attached wallet chain measures is 12 inches long. Attach the end of it to your belt with the leather piece or clip it on your pants belt loops.
  • This is a leather wallet designed for Bikers who ride motorcycles. Carry it on your pants back pocket and attach the chain to your pants. If your wallet falls out of your pocket while riding, at least it will still be hanging off your pants.
  • Inside the wallet are 4 partitions, two full size partitions for your small and large bills and two slimmer partitions for other things such as credit cards.
  • In addition to 4 open partitions the wallet has a zipper pocket as well and this zipper is big enough to fit a giant screen samsung galaxy s2 cell phone.
  • There is a driver license holder in the center.

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