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Rebel Flag 5x3 Feet - 3x5 feet

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  • 3x5 feet
  • Nylon Flag
  • Flag for Hanging

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Product Information

Dimension 3x5 feet
Product Type Nylon Flag
Iron on Instructions To properly iron on the patch temperature is important and must be between 260-280 Degrees Fahrenheit. 30 Seconds of applied pressure at the correct temperature is needed using a household iron. 12 Seconds is enough if using a heat press.
Application Flag for Hanging
Uses Hang it on your Wall or Hang it on a Pole using the 2 grommet holes.

Product Description - Rebel Flag 5x3 Feet

Standard flag measures 3 feet by 5 feet Confederate flag also known as the Rebel Flag or the Southern Flag. Features 2 grommets for easy hanging.

After seceding from Union, the Confederate states created their own flag as a symbol of their new country.  While the Rebel Flag went through a number of different changes, the most famous one is a rectangular version of the Confederate Army Battle Flag, a flag that was usually square.  What's interesting is that this flag was never the official flag of the confederacy, nor was it ever even recognized as one of the major national flags during the time of the Civil War.  However, today, many people assume it was the national flag, and very few know what the actual Confederate flag looked like!

The rebel flag is also sometimes called the Dixie flag.  Sometimes it's also called the Stars and Bars, although that was actually a name for the First National Flag of the Confederacy, which looked different.  Today, the flag has become popular once more.  During World War II, some of the Southern units used it as their unofficial emblem.  It was also flown on the USS Columbia.

There is some disagreement over the meaning of the Rebel Flag today, and some people feel like it should not be displayed.  They see it as a symbol of rebellion and even feel like it's connected to racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan.  It's used by separatist organizations, too, which does not help its image.

However, there are a number of people who see the Rebel Flag as a symbol of southern culture.  They don't really feel like it stands for any political statement.  Instead, they proudly display it as a way of showing their pride in their southern heritage.

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