American By Birth Rebel By Choice Patch Large
American By Birth Rebel By Choice Patch Large American By Birth Rebel By Choice Patch Large

American By Birth Rebel By Choice Embroidered Large Back Patch

  • 11x7.5 inch
  • Embroidered Patch
  • Iron on or Sew on Application
  • Plastic Backing & Die Cut Borders
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For all you rebels who are proud of your heritage, this colorful patch will perfectly show everyone how you feel. You can place it on the back of your jacket or vest so that it will be seen by everyone as you ride on by. The superb design and stunning attention to detail make this patch a popular choice with those who want something different on their clothing. It is large and bright and will liven up any item of clothing that it is placed on. Choose between ironing it on or sewing. Ironing is applicable for all materials except leather on which you should only sew. This brand new, never before sewn patch measures 11 x 7.5 inches and looks amazing.

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Basic Info
Color Red / White / Blue / Black / Brown / Yellow
Product Type Embroidered Patch
Dimension 11x7.5 inch
Material Embroidered Patch
Rating Everyone
Product info
Application Iron on or Sew on Application
Backing Plastic
Borders Plastic Backing & Die Cut Borders
Patch Size Large
Patch Shape Cutout
Weight 2 Ounces
Brand Good Sports
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