Brass Knuckles pin

by Carnie Power Pin Co
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  • 1.5x1 inch
  • Lead Free Pewter (MADE IN USA)
  • Pierce through Nail Backs with Brass Clutches
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Model: PIN047

Description for Brass Knuckles Pin

  • The Brass Knuckles pin is actually made of pewter and has a yellowish brass finish.
  • Attach the knuckles pin to your clothing with two nail backings and standard clutches.
  • The pin measures about 1x1.5 inches in size. It is made in the USA.

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More information for Brass Knuckles Pin

Basic Info
Dimension 1.5x1 inch
Color Brass
Material Lead Free Pewter (MADE IN USA)
Product info
Application Pierce through Nail Backs with Brass Clutches
Weight 0.34 Ounces