Native Indian Patch
Native Indian Patch Native Indian Patch

Native American Indian Wolf Patch Large

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  • 6x10 inch
  • Embroidered Patch with Plastic Backing
  • Iron on Large Back Patch
  • Can be Sewn on to Leather Jackets
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This embroidered patch features a Native American Indian with a Wolf head hat. Measuring Size is 6x10 inch. It is rather expensive because it's designed by a very famous tattoo artist whose name I cannot recall right now. Its one of those iron on patches that do not need to be fancied with different colors. You can still come out with something that is real pretty using only a single color thread. I think it's a great design for those that are looking to dress their vest with some American heritage. You can iron this one on to shirts as well. Just never attempt to iron on leather, you must sew it on if its going over any type of leather material jacket or vest.

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Basic Info
Color Beige / Black
Dimension 6x10 inch
Material Embroidered Patch with Plastic Backing
Rating Everyone
Product info
Application Iron on Large Back Patch
Backing Plastic
Borders Can be Sewn on to Leather Jackets
Patch Size Large
Patch Shape Cutout
Weight 2 Ounces
(P3329) 4x1.5 inch
0 reviews $2.99
(P3397) 4x1.5 in
(P2778) 3x1.25 inch
(P2768) 3x1.5 inch
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(P3705) 3.5x1 inch
(P2237) 2.25x2.75 inch
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