POW MIA Eagle Pin

by Liberty Bikers
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  • 1x1 inch
  • Stamped Metal
  • Pierce through Nail Backs with Brass Clutches
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Model: LBP-0394

Description for POW MIA Eagle Pin

  • The POW MIA Eagle pin measures 1x1 inches. POW MIA symbol hangs to the left of an eagle head. Black, white, brown yellow and red colors used in this Eagle pin's finish.
  • Not just a flat pin, but a 3-D feel pin.
  • Single Back Nail attachment as seen on alternate image with standard clutch backing.
  • We recommend you use proper pin locks to secure your pins.

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More information for POW MIA Eagle Pin

Basic Info
Dimension 1x1 inch
Color White / Brown / Black / Yellow / Red
Material Stamped Metal
Product info
Application Pierce through Nail Backs with Brass Clutches
SKU LBP-0394
Weight 0.2 Ounces