Embroidered Iron on Rocker Patches of Major US City Names

Listed here our quality embroidered city name patches. We started this category with 35 different city names and now grown up with 45 different city names. Get your hometown cities patch on your shoulder. The 4 inch arm patches of cities can also be sewn on front of vests. You can also iron on these patches on to your clothes. Heat will ruin leathers, Please do not iron on patches to leather or nylon material. We stock all our patches listed here, place your orders today we ship them out the same day.

Albuquerque Patch
(P3600) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Australia Small Rocker Patch
(P3920) 4x1.25 inch     $3.99
Baltimore Patch
(P3603) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Baton Rouge Patch
(P3604) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Boston Patch
(P3605) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Brooklyn Small Rocker Patch
(P3924) 4x1.25 inch     $3.99
Chicago Patch
(P3606) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Daytona Beach Rocker Patch
(P3704) 4x1.5 inches     $3.99
Denver Patch
(P3608) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Detroit Patch
(P3609) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Green Bay Patch
(P3610) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Harlem Patch
(P3611) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Hollywood Patch
(P3612) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Honolulu Patch
(P3613) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Indianapolis Patch
(P3615) 4x1 inch     $3.99
London Rocker Patch
(P3690) 4x1.5 inches     $3.99
Los Angeles Patch
(P3617) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Manhattan Rocker Patch
(P3692) 4x1.5 inches     $3.99
Miami Patch
(P3618) 4x1 inch     $3.99
New Orleans Patch
(P3619) 4x1 inch     On Sale $3.99$2
Nyc Patch
(P3620) 4x1 inch     On Sale $3.99$2
Oakland Patch
(P3621) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Orlando Patch
(P3622) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Philadelphia Patch
(P3623) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Phoenix Patch
(P3624) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Pittsburgh Patch
(P3625) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Queens Rocker Patch
(P3694) 4x1.5 inches     $3.99
Sacramento Patch
(P3626) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Salt Lake City Patch
(P3627) 4x1 inch     $3.99
San Diego Patch
(P3628) 4x1 inch     $3.99
San Francisco Patch
(P3629) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Santa Fe Patch
(P3630) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Seattle Patch
(P3631) 4x1 inch     $3.99
Staten Island Rocker Patch
(P3696) 4x1.5 inches     $3.99
Sturgis Patch
(P3633) 4x1 inch     $3.99
The Bronx Rocker Patch
(P3697) 4x1.5 inches     $3.99
Las Vegas Patch
(P3616) 4x1 inch

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Paris Rocker Patch
(P3693) 4x1.5 inches

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Toronto City Patch
(P5389) 4x1.75 inch
Montreal City Patch
(P5390) 4x1.75 inch
Vancouver City Patch
(P5391) 4x1.75 inch
Ottawa City Patch
(P5392) 4x1.75 inch
Calgary City Patch
(P5393) 4x1.75 inch
Edmonton City Patch
(P5394) 4x1.75 inch
Winnipeg City Patch
(P5395) 4x1.75 inch
Amsterdam City Patch
(P5397) 4x1.75 inch
Madrid City Patch
(P5398) 4x1.75 inch
Barcelona City Patch
(P5399) 4x1.75 inch

We are experimenting to see whether there is a market for embroidered city names. We decided to start with 35 popular cities. These are all small patches measuring 4 inches wide and about an inch tall. Embroidered mostly in white over black these city name patches can be sewn or ironed on. We recommend you place them over the shoulders of your jacket or the front of your vests, the sizes are perfect for them to fit almost anywhere on your clothing. We do not make these large sizes. If you are interested in large versions of these as either top or bottom back rockers we recommend you purchase a blank large rocker from our blank patches section and have it embroidered at a place like your local mall. For us to make custom patches we do require a 20 piece minimum per design. Remember we do wholesale as well, apply for wholesale patches to get a wholesale account.

City Name Patches

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