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We design, manufacture and stock over 2500 different wholesale patches by Ivamis Trading. We are not a middle man. This is the place to get the lowest prices on Ivamis Trading brand patches. Looking for wholesale funny patches to sell? Biker Patches? Military Patches? Large or Small Patches. Order wholesale patch minimums is $100 per order. You can sign up for a wholesale account or shop retail, either way you'll find great quantity discounts. Pay as little as 60 cents a patch and watch us ship your order today. WE STOCK WHOLESALE PATCHES. Exceeding expectations for over 7 years now.  You can also view our embroidered patches categories, the prices will show wholesale patch prices as long as you are logged in to your wholesale account.

It is What It is Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P3104) 3.5x1 inch     $3.99
Blood makes you related, Loyalty makes you Family Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P4407) 4x1.5 inch     $3.99
Subdued US Flag with Blue Stripe Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P4008) 3.5x2 inch     $3.99
Rebel Confederate Southern Flag Patch Small | Embroidered Patches
(P2036) 3x2 inch     $3.99
US Flag Black Border Patch 3 Inch | Embroidered Patches
(P2046B) 3x2 inch     $3.99
Biker Grandpa Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P1286) 3x1.25 inch     $3.99
Original Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P3157) 3x1 inch     $3.99
Loud Pipes Save Lives Biker Saying Patch  | Embroidered Patches
(P1062) 4x1.75 inch     $3.99
POW MIA Patch Black White | US Military Veteran Patches
(P2018) 2.5x3 inch     $3.99
Us Flag Patch Small Yellow Border 3 inch | Embroidered Patches
(P2046) 3x2 inch     $3.99
Gadsden Flag Don't Tread On Me Patch | US Military Veteran Patches
(P1327) 3x2 inch     $3.99
Infidel Patch in Arabic | Embroidered Patches
(P3647) 3.5x1.5 inch     $3.99
Biker Lives Matter Patch
(P5053) 4x1.5 inch     $3.99
CHATTANOOGA We Will Never Forget Patch | US Navy Military Veteran Patches
(P4842) 3x3 inch     $3.99
Terrorist Hunting Permit Patch
(P5091) 3.75x3 inch     $3.99
Fallen Officer Memorial Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P4455) 3.5x2 inch     $3.99
In Memoriam Folded Flag Patch | US Military Veteran Patches
(P2521) 3.5x2.5 inch     $3.99
USA Vintage Patch Flag Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P3564) 4x2 inch     $3.99
Us Flag Black White Patch 4 Inch | Embroidered Patches
(P3825) 4x2.5 inch     $3.99
Whatever Patch
(P4273) 4x1.5 inch     $3.99
In My Defense I was Left Unsupervised Patch
(P5077) 4x1.5 inch     $3.99
Combat Veteran Small Rocker Patch | US Military Veteran Patches
(P3365) 4x1.5 inch     $3.99
Small Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P2345) 1.25x3 inch     $3.99
Crusader Knight Patch Small | Embroidered Patches
(P4826) 3.3x4.5 inch     $5.99
It's Not The Destination It's The Ride Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P1237) 3.75x1.5 inch     $3.99
Lucky 13 Patch  | Embroidered Patches
(P3298) 2.75x2 inch     $3.99
Number 1 USA Vintage Flag and Stars Patch | US Military Veteran Patches
(P3566) 2x3 inch     $3.99
Try Burning This One Asshole US Flag Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P2712) 3.5x3 inch     $3.99
Give Respect Get Respect Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P2714) 3x1.5 inch     $3.99
Vintage American Flag Patch | US Military Veteran Patches
(P2843) 3x2 inch     $3.99
To All Our Troops I Thank You Patch | US Military Veteran Patches
(P2988) 3.5x2 inch     $3.99
Subdued Confederate Flag Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P4360) 3x2 inch     $3.99
Black White and Reflective US Flag Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P3270) 3x2 inch     $3.99
Reflective Patches
Molon Labe 2nd Amendment Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P4916) 4x4 inch     $5.99
Blue Lives Matter Patch
(P5070) 4x1.7 inch     $3.99
DILLIGAF Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P1134) 4x1.5 inch     $3.99
African Map Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P1527) 3x3 inch     $3.99
Don't Tread On Me Black White Patch | US Military Veteran Patches
(P3131) 3x2 inch     $3.99
Red Black American Flag Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P3448) 3x2 inch     $3.99
In Memory of When I Gave A Shit Patch | Embroidered Patches
(P4097) 3x3 inch     $3.99
American Infidel Patch with Skull | US Military Veteran Patches
(P4533) 3x3.5 inch     $4.99
In Memory of Our Fallen Heroes Large Patch | Embroidered Patches
(PL4808) 12x12 inch     $27.99

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Lots of New Patches Coming Soon

I've been at it coming out with new patches this last month. Here is a list linking to what is coming soon.

Canada State Rockers as well as some major cities. Lots of new Patriotic Designs including Flag Patches of Nations around the world. Spartan Helmet Designs, Proud Family Members of Police and Firefighters, Couple of new Guns, New Hashtag patches, Old English Style written Rank Patches, and lots of funny patches including some very naughty ones. 4 Different size Smileys, Beast Mode On Patch led to a whole bunch of other ideas. Not all saying patches are funny some are quite patriotic and meaningful


Posted by Erhan on September 13, 2016

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