Wholesale Patches By Ivamis Trading - Embroidered Iron-on / Sew-on Stock Patches for Resale

We design, manufacture and stock over 2000 different patches by Ivamis Trading. We are not a middle man. This is the place to get the lowest prices on Ivamis Trading brand patches. Looking for funny patches to sell? We have them. Biker Patches? Yes! Military Patches? Got them too. Wholesale minimum is $100 per order. You can sign up for a wholesale account or shop retail, eitherway you'll find great quantity discounts. Pay as little as 75 cents a patch and watch us ship your order today. WE STOCK PATCHES. Try us and you'll love us. Exceeding expectations for over 6 years now.

(P2345) 1.25x3 inch     $2.99
(P1062) 4x1.75 inch     $2.99
(P2046) 3x2 inch     $2.99
(P1134) 4x1.5 inch     $2.99
(PDISP2) 95 Pockets     $40
(P2036) 3x2 inch     $2.99
(P3276) 2.5x2.5 inch     $2.99
(P2019) 2.5x3 inch     $2.99
(P4035) 4x2 inch     $1.50
(P1237) 3.75x1.5 inch     $2.99
(P4034) 3.5x1 inch     $1.50
(P2046B) 3x2 inch     $2.99
(P2018) 2.5x3 inch     $2.99
(P3699) 4x1.5 inches     $2.99
(P3111) 3x2.5 inch     $2.99
(P3847) 3 inch     $2.99
(P2714) 3x1.5 inch     $2.99
(P1327) 3x2 inch     $2.99
(P3162) 2.5x2.5 inch     $2.99
(P4768) 1.5x3.2 inch     $2.99
(P3942) 2x3 inch     $2.99
(P2330) 3x3 inch     $2.99
(P3193) 4x1.5 inch     $2.99
(P3353) 3x2.5 inch     $3.99
(P1087) 4x1.75 inch     $2.99
(P3104) 3.5x1 inch     $2.99
(P3158) 3x1 inch     $2.99
(P3960) 4x2.5 inch     $4.99
(P3164) 2.25x2.5 inch     $2.99
(P3449) 3x2 inch     $2.99

What's New with Wholesale Patches

Wholesale Quantity Discounts have changed to better suit you guys. You'll get the following discounts on Wholesale Patch Groups A through K.

5+ gets you 10% off

10+ gets you 20% off

20+ gets you %25 off

50+ gets you %30 off the regular wholesale prices.

To minimize running out of stock, some of these discounts might not be available all the time even if we have the stock at hand. When you are placing an order you will see all the quantity discounts available for that product.

Posted by admin on January 22, 2016