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When we talk about first responder patches we are talking about patches our Policemen, Firefighters and EMTs would like to wear on their civilian uniforms. Lot of our Biker customers are Cops and Firemen, they are looking for patches to sew on their jackets. What better way to tell you are a firefighter than by sewing on a thin red line patch on your jacket, or a Thin Blue Line patch for Police Officers. We have a variety of selection of American Flags with Red and Blue Stripes. Red means you are a firefighter, blue means you are a Police officer. If you are making a movie that requires one of your actors to play the part of a cop or a firefighter, you can find generic fire fighter or police badges at our site. Just iron them on to a shirt and you have an affordable costume for your movie. Or if you want to be a cop or a firefighter at Halloween these patches work great too. Very easy to iron on to your clothing.

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9 11 01 We Will Never Forget Patch | Embroidered Patches
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These Colors Don't Run Red Line US Flag Patch

When I was in the third grade, my class was no different than any other elementary school class anywhere else in America. On career day the teacher went around the room, asking each student what he wanted to be when he grow up. Of course, all the girls wanted to be ballerinas, nurses, or teachers. But us boys? We wanted to be athletes, cowboys, firemen, or police officers.

It's a good thing we all didn't grow up to fulfill those fanciful dreams of third grade career day. If we had, we would have so many police officers and firemen that nobody would be available for other careers like computer programming and tax accounting. Thankfully, we do have enough men and women willing to serve as EMTs, police officers, and firefighters.

Being an emergency first responder is an inherently dangerous occupation. If you know someone who is in one of these professions, and especially if that person is a family member, you know the dangers behind the job. Perhaps you feel as though you want honor your loved one for the service he gives his community. A good way to do that is by displaying firemen or police patches on your clothing and accessories. has a great selection of firemen and police patches, as well as patches for EMTs and sheriffs deputies too. All of their patches are custom made and of the highest quality possible, and most orders come with free shipping. If you have a family member who works in one of these high risk, first responder occupations, makes it easy for you to show how much you appreciate him.

Among the families of EMTs, firefighters, and police officers, the annual 9/11 anniversary is a special time of remembrance for the fallen heroes of New York and Washington. carries a circular patch honoring the first responders who died in New York City. The patch, which is both classy and dignified, would make a great emblem for a firefighter's black cap.

It features the Statue of Liberty and New York's skyline in the background, complete with Twin Towers, flanked by two mini American flags on either side. Words of respect for our fallen heroes are embroidered around the perimeter, with a red border encircling the entire patch. It is one of the many stunning pieces of work delivered by the artists at

If you're a biker as well as a firefighter or police officer, there are several large back patches ready to be sewn on the back of your leather vest. There are also rocker patches, breast patches, emblems, shields, and patches that fit nicely on the shoulder. All of these patches come with an iron-on backing for those who are not good with needle and thread.

Honoring our  firemen, policemen, and EMTs is something we should all consider doing every now and again. These men and women do a dangerous job that no amount of money can compensate for. The best payment that can be made to them is a show of gratitude by those they serve.

So order a patch or two today and say thanks to our emergency response workers. It's a nice way to for you to come full circle from that career day in your own third grade class.