Almost Got Scammed Today

We almost got scammed today. We are Ivamis Trading but we use the fictitious name of TheCheapPlace to conduct our business. Today in the mail we received a notice asking us to renew our fictitious name filing which will expire at the end of 2019. The papers looked completely legit, I was about to write them a check for $125 when I noticed a part of the paper saying they are not a government agency. I decided to look up extending fictitious name filing on the internet and came across the proper government agency website that conducts the applications. They had a warning right there to be aware of scammers trying to charge you $125 for a fictitious name extension application. It clearly states it costs $50 to file this application and you can do it online at their website. I wanted all our resellers to be aware, if you are using a fictitious name to conduct business, make sure you don't fall for this rip off scam. The papers look totally legit as if they were coming from a government agency, but if you play close attention you'll see it's not. Hope you all have a very merry Christmas.

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