Holographic Authentication Stickers

To help our customers identify genuine Ivamis Trading patches we are adding a holographic sticker on the back of each of our own designs. When held at a certain angle the writing authentic can be seen over the hologram. Each patch has a unique serial number with IVAMIS logo in the center. If you are buying our designs and do not find this sticker on the back of them then there is a good chance you are buying a knock off. Please note our saying patches are not copyrighted and will not feature this sticker. Only our copyrighted designs will have this sticker on the back of each patch. As of January 1st 2019 all Ivamis copyrighted patches we ship to our customers will feature this holographic sticker. If you are a reseller of our products this sticker must remain on the product and can only be removed by the end user.


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