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Ride It Like You Stole It Funny Biker Patch - 4x1.75 inch

Our Price : $3.00
  • 4x1.75 inch
  • Embroidered Patch for Jackets and Vests
  • Customize your Clothing with Patches
  • The patch can be sewn on leather Vests or Jackets
  • Features Plastic Iron on Backing. Heat Press at 270 Degrees Fahrenheit for 12-30 Seconds
  • Clean Cut Embroidered Borders for Easy Sewing

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Product Information

Color Black / White
Dimension 4x1.75 inch
Material Embroidered Patch
Rating Everyone
Comments Customize your Clothing with Patches
Application The patch can be sewn on leather Vests or Jackets
Backing Features Plastic Iron on Backing. Heat Press at 270 Degrees Fahrenheit for 12-30 Seconds
Borders Clean Cut Embroidered Borders for Easy Sewing
Fabric Twill
Uses Sew this Classic Biker Patch to your leather riding vest or jacket.
SKU P1077

Product Description

  • Ride it like you stole it! It is perhaps one of the most popular biker patch amongst motorcycle riders. Sometimes you just got to ride it like you stole it.
  • The patch is embroidered in white over black and measures 4x1.75 inches. Patches are also known as iron on appliques, sew on badges, insignias or emblems.
  • This is a sew on patch. It has die cut borders. It can be sewn on to clothing including leather.
  • This is also an iron on patch. It has iron on plastic backing, it can be heat pressed on to clothing. Please do not iron on patches to leather.

TheCheapplace.com has some of the best biker patches around.  When it comes to decorating your leather vest you can't go wrong by visiting this website for all your needs.  There is a wide range of embroidered patches available here which you can choose to place anywhere on your clothing.  With a range of sizes, styles, colors and designs, there is bound to be one if not many which will suit your personal tastes and preferences.

There are a range of 'Blank Patches' which are specifically designed to be embroidered on.  So if you want to create your own design, then these are the perfect choice.  There are six sizes available including squares and rectangles and a couple of arched rocker patches too.  So if designing your own patch is what you want in order to create a completely unique patch then you will be able to find a perfect style to suit.

For a completely practical patch you should consider buying one of the 'Blood Identity Patches' available from TheCheapplace.com.  These patches are a great idea and could help to save your life.  You can choose the patch with the blood type that matches yours and simply sew it anywhere on your jacket or vest.  There is a space on the patch where you can write your name so that in case of an accident, you would be easily identifiable and emergency services would instantly know your blood type.  If you prefer not to have this on the outside of your jacket, it could easily be sewn discreetly on the inside.

'State Rockers' are a great way to let people know where you hail from.  If you want to have your State proudly displayed on your jacket shoulder or vest front then you can simply order one of these upward arching 'State Rocker Patches'.  There is one available for every state including Puerto Rico and they are classically designed in simple white lettering on a black background.

TheCheapplace.com have a host of 'Sayings Patches' too which are both humorous and stylish.  Take the '3 Can Keep A Secret If 2 Are Dead' patch.  Well we all know this is true!  It can be difficult to get anyone to keep a secret but if 2 out of the 3 are dead well that would be the perfect solution!  This patch has been designed to the highest quality just like every patch from TheCheapplace.com.  It has been finished with thick die cut borders which give it a much cleaner look.

Another witty patch is the 'Ass Gas or Grass Patch'.  This white on black 'Sayings Patch' is a direct take on the fact that nobody rides for free and that you will have to pay in one of the three options.

The 'Classic Asshole Patch' is one that most men will appreciate.  For any man who has been called an 'asshole' by a woman this funny patch will be proudly displayed on his jacket or vest.  There are many men who are proud to be called an 'asshole' and will wear this patch with pride, not only to wind up the women but also to give his buddies a laugh.

These are just a fraction of the amazing embroidered patches which can be found on TheCheapplace.com. 

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