Forgive and Forget But Keep A List Of The Names Patch

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  • 4x1.50 inch
  • Embroidered Patch
  • Iron on or Sew on Application
  • Plastic Backing & Die Cut Borders
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  • Forgive and Forget but keep a list of all the names. You will end up living a better life this way.
  • Buy it as an embroidered patch measuring 4x1.5 inches. Forgive and Forget patch is embroidered in white over black.
  • Patches are also known as iron on appliques, sew on badges, insignias or emblems.
  • This is a sew on patch. It has die cut borders. It can be sewn on to clothing including leather.
  • This is also an iron on patch. It has iron on plastic backing, it can be heat pressed on to clothing. Please do not iron on patches to leather.
  • Looking to buy quality patches in bulk? We can offer cheaper prices through a wholesale account.
  • Looking for something slightly different? We do custom patches.
  • If you want at least 20 pieces we can customize this patch to have different color embroidery, background or a slightly different size.
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Basic Info
Color Black / White
Product Type Embroidered Patch
Dimension 4x1.50 inch
Material Embroidered Patch
Rating Everyone
Product info
Application Iron on or Sew on Application
Backing Plastic
Borders Plastic Backing & Die Cut Borders
Patch Size Small
Patch Shape Rectangular
SKU P1209
Weight 0.15 Ounces
(P2809) 4x1 inch
(P4288) 4x1.5 inch
0 reviews $2.99
(P4281) 4x1.5 inch
(P3390) 2.75x2 in
(P2875) 4x1.5 inch
(P1525) 3x3 inch
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(P3907) 4x1.5 inch
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(P2714) 3x1.5 inch
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(P4282) 4x1.5 inch
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