Skull Half Face Mask
Skull Half Face Mask Skull Half Face Mask

Skull Half Face Mask

  • One Size Fits All
  • Neoprene
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  • Neoprene Face Mask with printed skull design on it. 
  • Stretchy Velcro enclosure. Mask Covers your face up to the eye. This is a half face mask not a full face mask.
  • Piped stitches around the edges for durability and better fit.
  • Wind and water resistant soft feel neoprene
  • Works very well with googles, under helmets or without a helmet.
  • One Size fits most as the velcro enclosure is adjustable.
  • Reversible to Plain Black on other side (Velcro Works Both Ways)
  • Bikers use it while riding motorcycle under the rain to stop getting Rain-Whipped
  • Face Masks are also great to use under cold weather to keep warm
  • Use face masks while skiing, snowboarding, snow-mobiling.
  • Can also be used as a Halloween Masks to scare others.
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Basic Info
Color Black / White / Grey
Dimension One Size Fits All
Material Neoprene
Weight 3.1 Ounces
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