Patches for Bikers. It's what we Specialize in.

Shop our Biker Patches category. This is where it all expanded from. We are very thankful to our Biker customers. You've supported us and allowed us to grow into becoming an awesome gift shop. We still have this special category for our Biker friends. But please check out all our patch categories where we've got a selection of 2000+ patch designs all stocked in heavy quantities at our warehouse ready for immediate shipment. It's fast, it's professional.

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(P4643) 4x4 inch     $5.95
(P4548) 4.5x3.5 inch - Out of Stock!
(P4619) 4.3x3.6 inch     $5.95
(P4637) 4x4 inch     $5.95
(P4542) 3.5x3.5 inch     $5.95
(P4428) 3.5x4.5 inch     $5.95
(P4247) 4x4 inch     $5.95
(P3587) 4.25x6 inch     $9.95
(P4358) 4.25x3.6 inch     $4.95
(P4540) 4.5x3.1 inch     $5.95
(P4430) 4x3.8 inch     $5.95$5
(P2651) 3.5x4 inch     $3.99
(P4192) 2.75x2.75 inch     $3.99
(P4611) 3.5x3.5 inch     $5.95
(P2056) 4x2.5 inch     $3.99
(P2938) 3.5x3.5 inch     $5.95$5
(P2593) 4x5 inch     $4.95
(P3356) 4.5x4 inch     $7.95
(P3282) 6x3.75 inch     $7.95
(P4351) 4x4 inch     $5.95$5
(P3898) 4x3.25 inch     $4.95$4
(P4353) 4.5x3.25 inch     $5.95$5
(P4373) 4x4 inch     $4.95
(P4431) 4x4 inch     $5.95
(P4435) 4x4 inch     $5.95
(P3968) 3.5x3.5 inch     $5.95$5
(P4246) 4x4 inch     $5.95$5
(PM3118) 5.5x4.75 inch     $9.95
(P4213) 4x4 inch     $5.95$5
(P4649) 4.5x2.8 inch - Coming Soon!
(P2526PINK) 3x2.5 inch     $3.99
(P2526YEL) 3x2.5 inch     $3.99
(P3788) 3.75x2.5 inch     $4.95
(P3790) 3.75x2.5 inch     $4.99
(P3789) 3.75x2.5 inch     $4.95
(PL4236) 11x5.5 inch     $14.95
(P4296) 3x4 inch     $3.99
(P4295) 3x4 inch     $3.99
(P3529) 4x2.75 inch     $5.95
(P3295) 4.5x2.5 inch     $5.95
(P3844) 5x2 inch     $3.99$3
(P3845) 5x2 inch     $3.99
(P2951) 5x1.75 inch     $5.95$5
(P3116) 5x1.5 inch     $5.95
(P4376) 4.5x1.8 inch     $4.95
(P4591) 3x2.25 inch     $3.99
(P4237) 4x2 inch     $4.95
(P4236) 4x2 inch     $4.95
(P4084) 3x2.75 inch     $3.99
(P3586) 3.5 inch     $3.99
(P2243) 2x2 inch     $3.99

Congratulations on finding us. We are perhaps the best Biker Patches supplier in the World. Not only we have great cheap prices, we also ship your order the day you place it. We can do this, because we stock our Biker Patches. We've also got one of the easiest to use websites in the world. Constantly improving the way we display our products. Taking pictures is one of my hobbies. You'll find high resolution images of all our patches, in fact some of the pictures are actually larger than the actual patches. You can almost count the stitches when viewing a full resolution picture of one of our patches. We've got over 2000 different style patches in stock. Biker Patches is only a small section of our entire inventory. There are so many to pick from. Adding items to your cart is a breeze. Click on the quick view, select the quantity and click add to cart. Once you've picked everything you want simply scroll up to the top of the page and click on checkout or shopping cart to start the checkout process. Are you wondering if we are legit? Well most our repeat customers thinks so. But sure you can give us a call and talk to us, we'll be happy to chat with you. We are based out of Daytona Beach, Florida. Call us at 386 243 4123 (no we don't have a toll free number, who needs one these days when you get free calling with your cell phone, we are The Cheap Place and to keep prices Cheap we only retail and wholesale online. Rest assured you will not find us selling our patches at Rallies. What you will find is thousands of our resellers selling our patches). Yes we do wholesale incase you were wondering.