Sew on Embroidered Biker Patches for Leather Vest and Jacket

We've been supplying patches to Bikers for a long time. You'll see most of our patches on sale at Motorcycle Rallies. We supply a majority of the Bike Week vendors with our Biker Patches. Whether you are interested in reselling our Patches or picking up a few for yourself we would like to let you know that we will ship your order the day you place it. There is not a single item on our website that drop ships from another vendor. We stock and send out all our patches the day you place your order. You might even be able to get your order tomorrow if you want to pay express. Thanks for taking a look at our Biker Patches selection.

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Loud Pipes Save Lives Funny embroidered sew on Biker Patch
(P1062) 4x1.75 inch
Embroidered Dilligaf Iron on patch
(P1134) 4x1.5 inch
Honk if you've never seen a gun fired funny iron on patch
(P3563) 4x1.5 inch
Not the Destination white orange black biker patch
(P1237) 3.75x1.5 inch
Some need therapy I have my Motorcycle Biker Patch
(P3193) 4x1.5 inch
Funny What the fuck iron on patch
(P3485) 4x1.5 inch
I Love Boobies embroidered patch
(P3308) 4x1.5 inch
Independent - Small Embroidered Iron on Patch
(P3158) 3x1 inch
I like my Bike Clean and Women Dirty Patch
(P4222) 4x1.5 inch
Wolfpack Patch with Howling Wolf
(P4295) 3x4 inch
Iron on Dilligaf patch
(P2547) 3.75x1.5 inch
Brothers Forever Biker Patch
(P2718) 5x2.75 inch
Funny Biker applique that tells I Know License And Registration
(P1032) 4x1.75 inch
You are in Range small Embroidered patch
(P2704) 4x1.25 inch
pat on the head with hammer patch
(P3785) 4x1.5 inch
Ace of Spades Skull Small Biker Patch
(P4259) 3x4 inch
Respect iron on patch
(P2714) 3x1.5 inch
(P3648) 4x1.5 inch
funny lady rider patch
(P2965) 4x1.75 inch
My bike is my psychiatrist embroidered sew on motorcycle patch
(P1408) 4x1.25 inch
These Are My Church Clothes - Funny Sayings Patch
(P1087) 4x1.75 inch
2 Wheels Move The Soul Biker Patch
(P2809) 4x1 inch
Iron on small biker grandpa biker patch
(P1286) 3x1.25 inch
does not play well with others embroidered saying patch
(P1102) 4x2 inch
(P2725) 4x1.5 inch
Embroidered small original biker patch
(P3157) 3x1 inch
Reaper skull embroidered Iron on large applique
(PL3587) 9x12 inch
Ride It Like You Stole It biker patch
(P1077) 4x1.75 inch
Dilligaf skull motorcycle patch
(P2651) 3.5x4 inch
Famous Last Words Funny Iron on Patch
(P2881) 4x1.5 inch
Christian back biker emblem
(PL3356) 10x8.5 inch
Live to ride ride to live embroidered smal sew on biker patch
(P1059) 4x1.75 inch
(P3237) 4x1.5 inch
Throttle it Out Skull Engine Small Biker Patch
(P4358) 4.25x3.6 inch
(P2832) 4x1 inch
100 Percent Biker Patch
(P4172) 3x2 inch
No body rides free funny biker patch
(P1003) 4x1.75 inch
lady biker babe patch
(P1148) 4x1.5 inch
Small Biker grandma embroidered applique
(P1302) 2.5x1.25 inch
BOB Broken Old Biker Patch
(P3921) 4x1.5 inch
(P3680) 4x1.5 inch
Chief head iron on back patch
(PL3849) 12x12 inch
Embroidered lady biker back patch
(PL3118) 10x8.5 inch
Rocker Brotherhood biker patch
(PR3286) 11x3.5 inch
Embroidered small lone wolf rocker patch
(P2548) 3.75x1.5 inch
We ride together biker patch
(P2793) 4x1.25 inch
(P2891) 4x1.5 inch
Road Captain Patch
(P3710) 3.5x1 inch
Out of Stock!
Embroidered fun biker patch
(P1089) 4x1.75 inch
3 Can Keep A Secret If 2 Are Dead Patch
(P1001) 4x1 inch
Large tea party patch
(PL1327) 10x10 inch
Embroidered Don't tread on me patch large biker patch
(PL3122) 12x8 inch
Embroidered Sew On Fat people harder to kidnap - Funny patch
(P1012) 4x1.75 inch
freedom eagle patch
(PL3145) 12x9 inch
Forever Two Wheels Biker Patch
(P1491) 3.25x1.5 inch
(P2746) 3.5x1.5 inch
(P1210) 4x1.75 inch

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