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Harley Davidson Motorcycles Chenille Rocker PATCHES Large - 15.5x3 inch

HD11006 by Global Products
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  • 15.5x3 inch
  • Cannot be ironed on. Sew on only.
  • Can be Sewn on to Leather Jackets

Product Description

Original and Genuine Harley Davidson Motorcycles Chenille Rocker Patches Large. Measures 15.5x3 inches. Embroidered Chenille sew on patch. Genuine Harley Davidson embroidered patches cannot be ironed on. They are for sew on application only. All Harley Patches come in their original packaging. Please be advised, Harley Patches are Expensive! These are NOT knock off's of the originals. We have a limited supply of them which we get from close out sales of Harley Dealers. There is not a steady supply of these Harley patches. We do not offer any breaks on prices. Please check the size of the patch and do not assume they are super large because of the prices. Prices are high due to lack of availability.


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Basic Info
Color Black White
Dimension 15.5x3 inch
Material Chenille patch
Rating Everyone
Product info
Application Cannot be ironed on. Sew on only.
Backing Proprietary
Borders Can be Sewn on to Leather Jackets
Patch Size Large
Patch Shape Rocker
SKU HD11006
Weight 3.5 Ounces
Brand Global Products
Date Added May 2013

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