Embroidered Patches for US Marine Corps Vets

If you’re a member of US Marines, Then this is a category probably for you. We listed here our fine selection of embroidered patches appealing to our Marines. You can pick and stick these patches on your jackets and vest, when you are out of uniform this is a great way to show off that you’re a service man. Most of the patches are available in different designs. This is a category not only for who have been in USMC, but also for the family members who have a son or daughter or a brother or sister in the Marines. You can Sew or Iron on these marine patches on your clothes. All patches feature laser cut borders and heat activated adhesive at the back. Shop our patches.

Our Patches for Marines have shrank considerably. We removed quite a lot of our patches for our Marines for the moment. We are working to bring them back but we want to check with our Navy what designs we can continue to sell. We're open to selling licensed military products. To this day the Navy has not sent us a notice notifying us if what we are doing is illegal or against the law. We have been receiving snarky emails from an individual impersonating him or herself as a staff member of the Marines Trademark licensing office. How do we know this? Well we contacted the Navy. Whoever sent us that snarky email has nothing to do with our Navy. We are working with the Navy to get to the bottom of this. Impersonating a department of our military is not taken lightly.

POW MIA Red And Yellow Patch | US POW MIA Military Veteran Patches
We Kill For Peace Patch | US Marine Corps Military Veteran Patches
Scout Patch | US Marine Corps Military Veteran Patches
United States Large Top Rocker Patch | US Marine Corps Military Veteran Patches
Sergeant Marine Patch
Private First Class Patch Marines
Master Sergeant Marine Patch
First Sergeant Marines Patch
Lance Corporal Marine Patch
Corporal Marine Patch

Embroidered US Marine Corps patches for our Marines are available under this category. USMC patches range from different graphical designs including Globe Eagle and Anchor design of the US Marines.