Shop Novelty Patches you can Sew or Iron on to your Clothes

Our Novelty Patches section has patches that have been around for years! Whether it is a smiley face, biohazard sign you'll find some of the most popular novelty patches within this section. I've always wondered what the heck novelty patches were. If I can't fit it into a Biker Patches or Military Patches or Christian Patches category I'll put them under the Novelty Patches category. These are top quality cheap patches that you can sew or iron on to your clothing. Our iron on patches work! You just have to iron them on following our clear instructions. Visit the embroidered patches main page to find the link to the iron on instructions.

Ace Of Spades Patches Black White And Reflective 2 Patch Deal
Reflective Patches
Native American Feathers Arrows 2 Piece Patch Set
Skulls Collection of Zodiac Sign Patches
Set of 2 Wolf with Feathers Patches
Set of 3 Pink Feathers Patches for Lady Riders
Set of 2 Tattoo Gun Patches with and without wings
Set of 2 Pirate Skull Flag Patches in Red and White
Small and Large Wolf with Feathers set of 2 Patches
Yellow Eyes Small and Medium Patch Set
Blue Eyes Small and Medium Patches
Silver Eyes Small and Medium Patches
Orange Eyes Patches in Small and Medium Set
Green Eyes Patches Small and Medium Set
Bio Hazard Patch | Embroidered Patches