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We use a special black velvet fabric on most our center back embroidered patches which really reflects the beauty of the embroidered patch work. Pick from large skulls, large eagles, large reflective patches.  Our Collection is mainly for our biker patch and military patch customers. Traditionally you would decorate the back of your  leather motorcycle vest with a large center back patch that reflects your alter ego.

In Memory of Our Fallen Heroes Large Patch | Embroidered Patches
(PL4808) 12x12 inch     $27.99
Reaper Skull Wings Middle Finger Patch Large
(PL5144) 11.6x12 inch     On Sale $27.99$24
Crusader Kneeling Knight Black White Large Back Patch
(PL5112) 8.9x12 inch     $27.99
Sugar Skull Spades Large Back Patch
(PL5130) 7.25x10 inch     $24.99
Irish Skull Cross Smoking Pipe Large Back Patch
(PL5132) 9x10.5 inch     $24.99
Smiley Patch 10 inch Large Yellow
(P5168) 10x10 inch     On Sale $19.99$13
Tattered US American Flag Large Back Patch
(PL5140) 11.75x9 inch     $24.99
Death Before Dishonor Large Skull Swords Back Patch
(PL5098) 9x10.7 inch     $27.99
Gothic Skull and Cross Large Back Patch
(PL5105) 10x9.2 inch     $24.99
Feel The Freedom Feel The Road Large Biker Back Patch
(PL5108) 11x8.6 inch     $24.99
Dia De Los Muertos Santa Muerte Sugar Skull Large Back Patch
(PL5110) 10x8.5 inch     $27.99
Live Ride Respect Biker Born Sugar Skull Large Back Patch
(PL5097) 8x11 inch     $24.99
Knight Templar Red Cross Shield Large Back Patch
(PL5095) 8.5x10.3 inch     $24.99
Born To Ride Tuned For Speed Large Biker Back Patch with Eagle
(PL5094) 8x10.5 inch     $24.99
Grip Twist Ride Biker By Choice Large Patch
(PL5102) 9x9 inch     $24.99
Lady Sugar Skull with Pink Rose and Feather Large Patch
(PL5146) 8.5x9.8 inch     On Sale $24.99$20
Skull and Cross Large Back Patch
(PL5029) 8.5x11.9 inch     $24.99
3 skulls heard nothing said nothing saw nothing patch
(PL5063) 9.2x4 inch     $19.99
Don't Tread On Me Snake Patch Large | US Military Veteran Patches
(PL3122) 12x8 inch     $24.99
Rebel Cowboy Skull with Shotgun Barrels Large Back Patch
(PL4919) 10x10 inch     $27.99
Cross with Wings Large Back Patch | Embroidered Patches
(PL4462) 11x10.8 inch     $24.99
No Club No Rules Just Ride  | Embroidered Biker Patches
(PL4547) 11.5x9 inch     $27.99
Crusader Knight Large Patch | Embroidered Patches
(PL4827) 8.9x12 inch     $27.99
Sugar Skull Patch Large
(PL4963) 6.4x10 inch     $27.99
Large Biker Skulls and Motorcycle Patch
(PL5006) 11.5x8.5 inch     $24.99
Biker Guy, 8 Ball, Ace of Spades, Dices and Fun Large Back Patch | Embroidered Biker Patches
(PL4247) 12x12 inch     $27.99
Defend Your Rights 2nd Amendment Large Back Patch | Embroidered Patches
(PL4370) 10x10 inch     $24.99
POW MIA Red White Blue Eagle Large Patch | US POW MIA Military Veteran Patches
(PL4521) 9x9 inch     $24.99
3 Sugar Skulls Large Back Patch
(PL4966) 10x6.3 inch     $27.99
Large Texas Armadillo Back Patch
(PL4986) 11x8.8 inch     $24.99
Large Native American Patch Design
(PL4965) 9x9.6 inch     $24.99
Freedom Isn't Free Biker Eagle Patriotic Large Back Patch
(PL4968) 9.2x10.5 inch     $27.99
Reaper Skull Sand Clock Large Patch | Embroidered Biker Patches
(PL3587) 9x12 inch     $24.99
Jesus in Cross Large Back Patch | Embroidered Patches
(PL4907) 8.5x12 inch     $19.99
Molon Labe 2nd Amendment Large Back Patch | Embroidered Patches
(PL4917) 9x9 inch     $24.99
Praying | Embroidered Patches
(PL4909) 8.3x11 inch     $24.99
Viking Skull with Axes and Horn Helmet Patch
(PL4954) 11x8.5 inch     $24.99
Sexy Nurse Large Back Patch | Embroidered Sexy Nurse Patches
(PL4901) 4.75x10 inch     $19.99
End Of The Trail Large Back Patch | Embroidered Patches
(PL3285) 12x12 inch     $27.99
Indian Head Dress Axes and Feathers Large Patch
(PL3849) 12x12 inch     $27.99
Eagle American Flag and Stars Patch Large
(PPA1427) 10.5x12 inch     $29.99

Large Iron On Embroidered Back Patches for Leather Vests & Jackets

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